Marengo Asia Hospitals Faridabad saves the hand of a five-year-old by re-joining his severed thumb through plastic surgery
| Editor - 21 Aug 2023

Faridabad: A successful surgical procedure, lasting approximately 5 hours, was performed by Dr. Kaveshwar Ghura, the Head of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department at Marengo Asia Hospitals, Faridabad.

On a 5-year-old child from Palwal who had suffered an amputation of the thumb due to an accident involving a fodder-cutting machine. Dr. Ghura mentioned that the situation was challenging due to the intricacy of joining the severed thumb, especially in a young child.

Dr. Ghura emphasized the importance of seeking immediate medical attention in cases of such accidents involving children, advising that the severed body part should be rinsed with clean water and placed in a clean polythene bag immersed in ice to preserve it while reaching a hospital as soon as possible. The hospital's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department specializes in providing top-tier surgical solutions for both reconstructive and cosmetic needs.

By collaborating with specialists from various disciplines and employing cutting-edge techniques and tools, the surgical team at Marengo Asia Hospital excels in achieving effective results while prioritizing patient safety and precision. This includes addressing burns, traumatic injuries, and congenital anomalies through reconstructive surgery, as well as offering a range of cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, arm lifts, body lifts, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. The department is committed to advancing the field of reconstructive surgery through innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their patients.

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