Become something and serve the nation, this will be your bus fare: CM YOGI
| Education Jagat - 01 May 2020

Sir Namaste, many students study in Kota for the preparation of various competitive exams. With studies, motivation is also necessary. For me, you are my motivation. You are the only CM who looked after the well being of your state students stuck in Kota and brought them back. How do you get so much energy to think about everything even after a tight schedule? After listening to the question CM started laughing and said it is the job of CM to look after his people. You also haven’t paid the bus fare, become something, and serve the nation. I will consider it as your payment.
 Video conferencing was done via Zoom App. CM called various students in different districts to know about their well being. CM stated the energy spend on bringing the students back will be repaid after these students attain success.
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