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Jagat Media Solutions is proud to introduce our esteemed publication, Education Jagat, a career-focused educational fortnightly newspaper, alongside its digital counterpart, educationjagat.com.

Rooted in Noida, Reaching Across India
Published from the heart of Uttar Pradesh, Noida, Education Jagat has become a trusted educational resource, reaching readers across the length and breadth of India. Our commitment to providing valuable educational content transcends geographical boundaries, ensuring that every corner of the country benefits from our insights and expertise.

International Footprint
Education Jagat reach extends beyond Indian borders, with 4.63 lakh mailers (soft copy) disseminating valuable knowledge both domestically and internationally. We are rapidly expanding our influence, proudly "Spreading our Wings" to numerous countries around the globe. Our global footprint Spain North America, Oceania, Europe, Russia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Southern African nations, and the Gulf countries, marking us as a truly international educational resource.

Rich Editorial Content
At the core of Education Jagat is our editorial excellence. Our content is curated by highly reputed faculties and expert professionals, renowned in their respective fields. They contribute insightful articles on career-based education, tailored for today's dynamic and ambitious youth. These articles are regularly featured in both our newspaper and digital portal, offering a blend of academic rigor and practical advice.

Our Commitment Education Jagat’s commitment goes beyond providing news. We aim to be a guiding light for students and professionals, illuminating paths in their educational and career journeys. As we continue to grow and reach new heights, our focus remains steadfast on delivering quality and relevant content that empowers and educates our readers, both in India and around the world.

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