Let’s Play Booomwhackers
| Education Jagat - 16 Jan 2021

“Learn English through Music and Play”.
 Α groundbreaking teaching approach of Pedagogy in Education.
Learning with my Boomwhackers method
 All BW activities in my method are presented as games, so in most cases we work in groups, not alone. The BW activities encourage the students to communicate, to be creative, and to express themselves.
This means that they learn English and Musical concepts through Play in a simple, enjoyable way. 
 They learn to co-ordinate, concentrate, co-operate, take group decisions, and have fun doing it. My ΒW method promotes group spirit, since they learn to wait their turn, to accept rules and/or create their own, to as¬sume leading roles within the group, to reach common decisions, and to help one another. Students get creative through collaboration, critical thinking and communication.
What are boomwhackers? 
 They have tuned plastic tubes, of different lengths and different colors but all with the same diameter, which produces musical sounds when struck against a hard surface (e.g. knees, floor, wall, table, chair).
Who are they intended for? 
 BW can be used by teachers and educators, in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, teachers training schools. They are an extraordinarily useful tool for special needs and phys¬ical education teachers.
My new groundbreaking teaching approach is divided into three parts:
 First part: We learn general concepts about BW. We use our imagination and suggest other things that we can do with them.  We play games like relay races, we learn the colors and the notes. We do shapes and letters. We use BW us music kinetic material. In the beginning with simple movements on our body and then we go on with more complicated. We can use music to carry out the instructions of certain songs.
 Second part: We work rhythmically. We combine the rhythm, the movement, and the speech. We use them in different rhythmic activities. We tap our names, favorite food, games, and phrases. We become a team and play many and different rhythmic beats. Always in a form of play.
 Third part: We learn how to play a song in an easy and enjoyable way. You don’t have to read the notes but all you have to know is when and how many times you have to tap your BW.

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