Emotions and food
| Dr. Dragan Jovanov - 16 Nov 2022

Have you ever wondered if your smile and tears can have some relation with the food that you eat?
  Unlike other already seen and annoying food divisions according to the number of calories, the products are divided according to their effect on the occurrence of specific emotions such as encouraging aggressive moods, overcoming grief, and others. It is not enough to recommend vitamins and minerals, but also the body should be seen as a group of various chemical elements. We should pay attention to our souls, emotions, and feelings that result from laughter or crying.
 In anger, the organism has more noradrenaline. With food based on milk and dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, we will feel better without negative emotions or anger. This diet helps the brain in the process of synthesis of substances that have the effect of blocking brain activity, which helps you to calm down.
 In case of sad feelings, it is recommended foods that can stimulate serotonin in the brain, for example, cereals. They can be called ( тагофилни ) products because usually in states of sadness and instinctively we have a necessary and robust wish to eat products like this. Then we are not even aware that our sad moods are treated by eating sweets.
 In a state of languidness is recommended to consume fish and meat especially white meat, chicken, lamb, turkey, and beef because these products have properties to reduce anxiety. In the first place is the fish,  which has the effect of returning positive emotions, also the fish has the function of preserving the patency of blood vessels due to the omega-3 fatty acids.
 When we are joyful, cheerful, and feel accomplished it is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables. When you are in the soundest condition you should eat the most healthy products. You should eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc.

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