Digital Education
| Eliko Akobia - 16 Nov 2023

Digital education is the same as digital learning, that is, learning that technology facilitates for students and gives them control over time, place, how to do it, and at their own pace. Years ago, it seemed that digital education was only a part of the movies of the future, about things that were known to be impossible or that had no reason to exist.

But the reality is always greater than fiction and thanks to the Internet, because people can connect regardless of their location in the world, digital education opens up a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities, thus enabling a new era in the education of people of all ages: digital education is no longer a thing of the future.

Digital education allows students to take control of their learning without having to always be physically present in the classroom with a teacher in front of them. In addition, there are several factors that, along with goodwill, make digital education a reality and also beneficial for anyone with a little knowledge of new technologies to take advantage of.

Time::- Studying is no longer limited to a school day or an entire course ... the Internet helps any device with access to give students the ability to organize their time so that they can study at any time.

Place:- Learning is no longer confined to four walls. Students can study anywhere they have a device with an internet connection, such as a library or their own home. Any place can be a good place to learn something new..

Methodology:- Learning methodology in digital education has no boundaries. The interactive and adaptable software allows students to learn in their own style, making learning personal and much more engaging. New learning technologies provide real-time data that gives teachers the information they need to modify instruction to meet the unique needs of each student.

Technology is essential to benefit from digital education. Facilitates content acquisition by students. As a rule, you need internet and hardware, a computer (laptop or desktop), or even a tablet or smartphone. But it is necessary to keep in mind that technology is a tool and it is important to use it wisely so that you can properly learn interesting content.

Digital content is the material that is taught and they are usually always of high quality and have nothing to envy to the physical content of books. In addition, most of the content that is not audiovisual can be printed to work on as PowerPoint, Word, or PDF content.

In addition to content and material, there must be willingness and good instruction from teachers through digital education. Teachers can be contacted via video calls, chat, or email. Technology is changing the role of the teacher, but even their online presence is important.

Digital education is no longer a thing of the future and it is coming closer and closer to people who have more access to information and learning. Thanks to the internet you can learn anything anytime, you just need to make proper use of these powerful tools to make the most of it.

I am ElikoAkobia, I am an English teacher. I teach in Oche and Thaler public schools in Martvil Municipality. I am a very active, communicative, and result-oriented person. I am involved in various international and domestic educational organizations, I am an international speaker, moderator, and panelist. I have received the certificates of an internationally accredited speaker. My motto is "never stop learning".

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