Problems of Teaching Linguistics
| Samira Amrahova - 01 Nov 2023

             Linguistics is one of the oldest branches of science. Nowadays modern Azerbaijani language is one of the most comprehensively developed languages.  Nevertheless, certain problems arise in language teaching. We, teachers, are also trying to overcome these problems.

             The problems arising in the teaching of the Azerbaijani language have become the object of interest of every linguist, and a lot of work has been done to eliminate the shortcomings in this field. The Azerbaijani language is one of the languages with an ancient history and has passed through very difficult times and reached our modern times. It can be said that the question of the Azerbaijani language was at the top of the list of actual problems of linguists and writers of every era. Various reforms were carried out in the field of language. Among these reforms, we can mention the reforms carried out in the education system in 1999, which are already showing their benefits. After Azerbaijan gained independence, several successful reforms were carried out in the field of education. The main goal of carrying out these reforms was the integration of Azerbaijani education into European education. After the implementation of the "Curriculum" system, many successes were achieved in education. According to this system, the teaching of the Azerbaijani language in educational institutions was considered an important issue from the point of view of national interests and statehood. Teaching the Azerbaijani language was an important nuance in the formation of personality. Textbooks were one of the main problems in teaching the Azerbaijani language. It can be said that for a while there were no textbook materials related to the mother tongue, many teachers turned to the works and gave information about the beauty and richness of the Azerbaijani language. Although research work on this issue was carried out in the Middle Ages, the first textbooks and works related to the native language began to be written in the 19th century. Among these works is MirzaKazimbey's "General Grammar of the Turko-Tatar Language" written in Russian, M.Vazirov's, N.Narimanov's, S.M.Ganiyev's, G. Makarov's native Russian works, M.Afshar's native language written in Azerbaijani. The work "Grammar of the Turkish Language" can be cited as an example. The problems and high progress of the Azerbaijani language mainly belong to the 20th century.I would like to especially note that the comprehensive development of the Azerbaijani language nowadays makes its teaching easier.

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