Shaping Career for tommorrow
| Olia Bekoshvili - 03 Nov 2022

Today, people devote a lot of time to their careers. However, if we analyze the situation, in reality, is it the most important thing in a person’s life? Naturally, life without it is unimaginable. However, the most important thing is what we have left at the end. Career is often associated with one specific activity and in the traditional sense, it is equated with paid work. However, a career in the modern world involves a continuous process of learning and development. Any activity aimed at the professional or personal development of a person is part of a career. For example, training, work experience, education, community activities, volunteer work, hobbies, etc. - Each creates and shapes a person’s career. The role of personal development is great in a career.
 A career belongs to a person and is a long road to success. It creates a prerequisite for being the best and highest-paid staff in the labor market in a few years. A career is full of contacts that create the environment necessary for growth and success. It can be said that a career reflects one’s dreams and desires.
 To understand which activity will make us happy, bring us mental or emotional pleasure, strengthen us financially and socially, and also not hinder our physical development and healthy life, it is necessary to start knowing ourselves: what are my interests, what I like, what skills do I have at this given moment, what is good for me, what are my values, what is important to me in life. With all of this in mind, I need to determine where I am now, where I want to be in a few years, and what I need to get there. If you find that your resources do not match your goals and ambitions, it is time to start personal development.
 Personal development is a conscious and thoughtful pursuit of personal growth, which is achieved through self-awareness, the deepening of knowledge, and the development of personal skills. This development affects both our mental and emotional parts as well as our physical bodies. The ultimate goal of personal development is for a person to be self-realized. Personal development is necessary to be happy.
  It is a process that lasts a lifetime. It is simply necessary that at some point we stop, think, observe and evaluate our characteristics, skills, and abilities and make a decision to be even better. To achieve this goal, we must set specific goals to maximize and use our potential. Personal development is facilitated by reading psychological and fiction literature, attending personal development pieces of training, meditation, and keeping personal diaries.
 Personal development helps a person to develop a positive and effective personality. This allows us to do everything well and get rid of difficulties. Achieving our goals becomes possible with less stress and conflict. Personal development helps us to have a positive perception of life, which makes us more reliable and self-confident in the eyes of others.   To experience advancement in the career path, it is necessary to be self-confident and have self-belief. It helps us to perform our tasks more easily and to find a solution in difficult situations quickly. One of the most important outcomes that come with personal development is the formation of strong and strong relationships, which are prerequisites for our future success.

I’m Olia Bekoshvili certified teacher in English. I’m from Georgia. Born on 23rd February ’86 in the city of Dedoplistskaro, I currently reside in the village called Bazaleti. I completed my specialization in Computer Science at Tbilisi Vocational Training Center in the year 2009.
 I have had a private practice of working with Students and Teachers since 2000. Since the year 2009, I have been teaching English and Georgian language and literature at Bazaleti Public School. I started studying Faculties of Humanities and pursuing Masters's Degree with a specialty in English from Gori State Teaching University in 2020.

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