Induction program was organized in GNIOT
| Education Jagat - 01 Sep 2022

Induction program was organized for the newcomer students of third session of PGDM who came to GNIOT Institute of Management Studies. In the induction program organized for these newcomers for higher education to pave the way for advancement and progress in their life, GNIOT Institute of Management Studies invited eminent stalwarts from the corporate world to give proper guidance to these newcomers. The program was started by lighting the lamp, after which Professor Mayank Kumar Pandey, co-director of the institute welcomed and felicitated the newly admitted students, their parents and all the guests from the corporate world and appreciated the continuous efforts being made by the GNIT Institute of Management Studies, shared.

 He told these newly admitted students that how to set a goal in life and stick to that goal with full devotion and perseverance can achieve the goal. The Chairman of the Institute Rajesh Gupta welcomed the visiting parents and newcomer students and explained how GNIOT Institute of Management Studies is continuously engaged with utmost sincerity and integrity so that it can establish a new position in the field of higher education.

 The CEO of the institute, Swadesh Kumar Singh welcomed the students and encouraged them and inspired them to build the future with new energy.

 The keynote speaker of this session was Pradeep Multani, President PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he shared the six sutras of his life during the speech of the students, in which continuous effort, continuous effort and perseverance, the ability to listen and increase so that only an audience can build up a said speaker and a strong personality Emphasized this point. Talking about the importance of education, he said that education is a continuous effort to train the mind.

 Varinder Singh working as Chief Manager Human Resource Fortum India Pvt Ltd., moving ahead of the expectations and expectations from the students emphasized on the basic mantras of human life and working to make a separate place in the corporate world.

 Suman Shah group was HR India Cellular and Electronics Association he shared his experience of last two decades in his address. In his speech, he tried to establish that how a goal and goal can be met with full sincerity towards that goal.

 Smt. Babita Nagar, who brought the gold medal of India’s flag in the Netherlands, which increased the pride of India, was an Indian wrestler and gold medalist. needed. He stressed that how a student can do whatever he wants through his constant effort. One can set that goal completely and can also achieve it. Introducing his life, he also told that he has not got the success that he is tasting today, for what he has tried, worked hard, struggled and won the inequalities, perhaps it is the result of that. It is that today he tastes the success of this method and he has brought pride to the entire nation.

 Dr. Ruchi Rait Dean PGP thanked the visiting guests and told how to build a successful person and try to imbibe those ideas in the personality. The program was conducted by Dr. Nishant Singh and Professor Silky Gaur. The Chairman of the Institute, Rajesh Gupta while honoring Mrs. Babita Nagar who has enhanced the honor of the world and the entire country and the district, presented an honorarium of 51,000. On this occasion, Head Outreach of the Institute, Ranjan Raghuvanshi, Dean PGP Dr. Ruchi Rahat, Dean Student Welfare and Outreach Dr. Shalini Sharma and other professors were present.

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