Glorious Achievement
| Education Jagat - 01 Apr 2022

Her name is Natali Natroshvili.She is from Georgia.She is 9 years old.She was born in Tbilisi,lives in kakheti,in the village of Zemo Machkhaani,Dedoplistskaro distict.She studies at Zemo Machkhaani Public School.She is active and involved in numerous programs Where she succeeds.She is interested in learning,Loves English and Mathematics.She is involved in many tours and avhieves  victory.She has received numerous  Gold Medals and Certificates  Among them...GLOBAL STUDENTS AMBASSADORS AWARD 2021, KING OLYMPICS AND TV.SCHOOL  OLYMPICS.She has gold medals and top results in various subjects.

Her goal is to become a doctor.To graduated fromTbilisi State Medical University and Continue her studies abroad to work in her own clinic.Named after, NATA CLINIC '' GOOD LUCK to this talented and beautiful girl Natali Natroshvili.


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