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Effie Bachtsevana is a music teacher, author, global educationist, speaker, and researcher. She was born in Melbourne Australia. For the past 19 years, she has worked at the music school of the Municipal Conservatoire of Neapolis – Sykies in Greece and as well as Head of Music – Kinetic Approach in a Private Institute of Vocational Training.
 She has created and applied a pioneering teaching method called.
Let’s Play boomwhackers “Learn English through Music and Play”
  She created in 2012, the first “Boomwhackers Orchestra” in Greece. Her pioneering venture has been the introduction of her boomwhackers method in the kindergartens and at the First Stage of Music Education not only in Greece but in other countries too.
 Since 2012 she has been the Instructor of Seminars addressing educators of all stages, of Preschool and School education, Kindergarten and Nursery school teachers, teachers of Physical Education, and English teachers focusing on using her method in education.
 Since 2017 she has been an external collaborator training educators of the “Harmonia Academy” in Turkey.
 The music teacher at the Finnish eSISU Global preschool in Finland addressing students and teachers with her boomwhackers method.
 Both of her books are based on a new groundbreaking teaching approach of Pedagogy in Education.
 Her Boomwhackers method has been used with great success at Primary schools in Bulgaria, Holland, Finland, and Ukraine.
 Has also been used at Private schools, Kindergarten and Nursery schools, English schools, Special Education schools, and Professional training institutes all over Greece, Cyprus, India, Turkey, and Australia.
 She has presented her boomwhackers method in the Council For Creative Education, in Finland, in the International Teachers Development Institute (iTDi), in the Twinkl Australia teaching group, and in the Korea-Philippines Teacher Exchange Programme Alumni Association (KPTEPAA).
 During the last year, she has been presenting her method to over 60 public and private schools in India. She has also been addressing educators from India focusing on using her method in education.
 She has also brought appearances on TV and Radio programs. Newspapers and magazines have hosted her boomwhackers method.
l Awarded with Dr. SAROJINI NAIDU International Award 2020 for Women’s achievements in education.
lAwarded with “IUEF STREE SHAKTI COMBATANT – 2020 “
 for her commendable contribution in the category of “Education Excellence and Innovative Practices” from the International United Educationists Fraternity.
lAwarded with “Gold Award 2020” from Videv Tejaswini Foundation For Humanity, Civil Society, and Peace.
lAwarded by World Books of Records.
l Awarded with Sanjeevani “Seed of  Knowledge” Award 2020.
lAwarded with International Awards for Excellence in Cinema (music) by Marwah Studios.
lAwarded as Best Educators Excellence Global Award 2020 by Educlouds.
lAwarded as Most Creative Educationist Global Award 2020 by Educlouds.
lAwarded with Global Digital Teacher Excellence Award 2020 by Global Digital Academy.
lAwarded with International Icon Award 2021 for Appreciable Work in the field of Education.
l Awarded with Global Pride -Educators & Innovators Excellence Awards 2020 by Witty Gossip Company.

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