Career Choice: A Rather complicated task
| Leoutsakou Eleni - 01 Aug 2022

When you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life is what an old quote says, and based on my own experience I can confirm it is an absolute fact. The selection of the profession one will be doing for a lifetime is no easy choice and one has to reflect on it rather seriously, to be certain that their decision is destined to provide them with feelings of fulfillment and personal satisfaction, rendering them successful as professionals and allowing them to evolve in any field or line of work, competitive and hard though it may be.
 Nonetheless, an adolescent or young adult may find themselves in a quandary when the time comes, and realize that it is no easy job to reach such an informed decision, especially in the modern era in which numerous professional fields are saturated, and the young are ill-informed due to a deficit of appropriate information applying to their case from the part of both the educational system and the state. Thus, it can be easily understood that should they not wish to be confronted with a wrong choice at a later stage of their life, they must cautiously reflect on multiple issues.
 First and foremost, the most essential element one should take into account is their natural inclination, as regards the discipline they select to follow, whether they find it attractive, and simultaneously the professional opportunities it involves. Devoting time and effort to a field of studies one does not feel totally attracted to will deprive them of the willingness to strive to become one of the best in it, as they will not draw inspiration from what they do which surely urges one to aspire to distinguish themselves and ameliorate their performance as much as possible if not to the ultimate degree.
 Moreover, professional opportunities offered in the country one aspires to build a career are of utmost importance. No one would like to confront a dearth of opportunities in their effort to find employment should they select to study in a field that is either saturated or inexistent in the country where they wish to spend their adulthood. Thus, such a decision involves reflecting on the option of leaving one’s home country in case they opt for a field thriving in another one, or adjusting their field of expertise in case there is a relevant domain where they can be recruited in their country of origin.
 The chances of professional development should never be underestimated though. No matter what one selects to study and do as a profession, given that they have consciously opted for it, will disappoint them if they have the feeling that there is no room for evolution and the opportunities to do so, especially in working fields were conducting research is at the forefront. Despite one’s yearning to be dedicated to a specific sector, should they feel deterred from any given chance to evolve and ameliorate themselves, they will commence experiencing feelings of severe disappointment which will decrease, if not eliminate, their enthusiasm and willingness to try even harder. So, the selection of what one’s future profession will be is inextricably linked with the degree of development the field they pursue has to offer.
 Status and the position one has on the social ladder are quite often two elements the young tend to consider, as they are quite frequently embedded in their upbringing. Modern society tends to ascribe a lot of importance and appreciation to one’s position in the social hierarchy and that is a –not always obvious- trap the young are hemmed in when they first start inquiring themselves about what they are interested in doing as a job. However, the rat race cannot be easily withstood should one select a profession they despise or they do not feel love for, seeing that creativity and desire to evolve, improve, and certainly make sacrifices are indubitably connected with an endless love for the field one has chosen and the skills they need to possess. Thus, we must explain to the young how important it is to disregard what others think and take an inquisitive look into their inner self and desires.
 Last but not least, making a decent living and having the ability to financially support oneself and family should be taken into account. Nonetheless, under no circumstances must they define one’s decision regarding what career to follow. The monthly salary is not a panacea when it comes to the intolerable pressure and strain one may find themselves under in certain working positions, where the prerequisite for earning a high salary is to deprive oneself of every chance of enjoying some leisure time, due to an excessive workload which demands working without a pause and being continuously subject to extremely daunting situations, colleagues or employers.
 As we may all well understand, selecting a career and being sure that we have managed to make the appropriate choice constitutes a perplexing issue and comes as the result of a combination of reasons which can affect one’s decision-making. It is surely a procedure that is differentiated from one country and society to another, as the elements one takes into consideration in every case are affected by different factors and parameters, not to mention the needs existing in every district or state. However, what should matter the most is the satisfaction and happiness one will draw from their profession, and on no occasion should we forget that for the majority of people it constitutes a decision of a lifetime, so it should never be taken lightheartedly.

For the last 26 years, I have devoted myself to teaching foreign languages and I have been running my own Foreign Language Teaching School since 2006. Since I can remember, I have been studying foreign languages along with other subjects and disciplines that I find attractive and rather enticing, like history, music, and psychology.
 In 1997 I acquired a Bachelor’s degree in English language and Literature from the National Kapodistrian University in Athens and in the meantime, I finished my studies in French philosophy at the University of Sorbonne in France. Later on, I obtained a Master’s degree in Children’s Psychology from the University of Sorbonne and a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities from Oxford University.
 My aim as a teacher has always been to give my students the inspiration they need to be successful in everything they wish to do and the necessary motivation to never quit, but always struggle to ameliorate themselves and fulfill their goals and dreams.
 As an educator, I have realized that when the young are offered the necessary guidance and sense that their teacher’s interest is frank and genuine, they are willing to try harder than ever and thus perform miracles.

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