Project-Based Teaching
| Fatma Kul - 16 Apr 2022

This year I  also founded an eTwinning Project ‘’GREEN CHALLENGE’’ with 32 teachers from 8 different countries. As it is the biggest environmental crisis of our time. It threatens the future of the planet that we depend on for our survival and we are the last generation that can do something about it.
Our unsustainable lifestyles as well as economic and production models are so deeply rooted in our lives that it seems almost impossible to change them. However, this transformation is the only chance we have if we want to save our planet.
 As a teacher, I strongly believe that our students need to be connected with a global movement of people who are determined to change the world. Our aims are ;
u To learn about the problems related to the environment and protect them
u  To interact in L2 and collaborate with foreign partners to achieve a common goal
u To develop students’ imagination and creativity
u To raise awareness about daily energy/water use and potential saving
u To improve students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills
u To use web 2.0  tools effectively
u To encourage the feeling of a European citizenship
u To increase personal awareness to know about natural disasters as a result of climate change and to take measures against them.
uTo clean our world so that life can be maintained healthily.
uTo examine the events that cause climate change, to ensure that students know.
 In this Project, we do so many creative and enjoyable activities to raise awareness of the students about climate change. For instance, We organized meetings with some experts and foundations and planted flowers and trees. We created an e-dictionary that consists of the words related to the environment and climate change. We wrote an illustrated story collaboratively. But we organized an online meeting with a best-selling author with over 20 titles already in bookstores across the USA. First, she gave some tips on writing a qualified story, and then she talked about her book about climate change. In the following months, we are going to do some more activities such as reducing, recycling, reusing materials, making homemade food, and creating comics or animations.

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