Career Opportunities
| Education Jagat - 29 Feb 2020

Getting a job and continue doing it, is not difficult. What is difficult is to get your dream job. It seems to be a fairy tale when we imagine ourselves into the career we always wanted to pursue, everything seems like an Eldorado but in reality, there are only a few people who are happily satisfied with their jobs. The problem doesn’t start with the job satisfaction we look for, the problem incepts with the wrong choices made at the time of choosing the career. Most of us don’t actually know what we like to do, what we want to become as a professional and what inspires us the most. One wrong choice and decision in choosing the career spoils the felicity of the rest of life. Success in any field comes from within, and only when you love it truly with passion. Most successful professionals are those who loved their careers.
 But it is not easy to love your job or your career because this love should ignite on its own. A self-assessment is important because every individual has different aspirations. Nowadays, careers have not remained restricted to engineering, medical, finance, arts or to name a few. No job or career is good or bad the question is larger which needs to be answered,
 “Which career are we made for”. With a little planning and self-evaluation, you can give yourself a direction that will lead you to the most contended career which you are made for. Try to make the following assessments and find the answers to sub-questions.
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