Careers in Digital Marketing Road ahead!
| Education Jagat - 16 Sep 2019

It was so correctly said by Howard Schultz “Digital Media is a bullet train and that bullet train is not coming home”.
 Digital Marketing has witnessed remarkable growth and by the end of the year, 2020, it is expected to generate over 20 Lac jobs per year in India.
 In this digital era, everyone is on the internet irrespective of his demographics and none of the companies can ignore these users. Hence, Careers in Digital Marketing in India is gaining relevance. Now with the Government embracing ‘Digital India’ & Indian startups more and more employment opportunities would be created for people in the field of Digital marketing.
 There are myriad of opportunities in the Digital Marketing area, be it love for coding  which can make one go for web designing or passion for writing which can help one in becoming a content writer or profiles such as of an SEO Analyst, Social Media Manager, You Tuber, Affiliate Marketer, etc
 One can even work as a freelancer on a project basis.
 Let us take you through the most common profiles available in Online Marketing Career in India:-
• Web Developer & Web Designer -Responsible for coding, designing and maintaining websites. 
• SEO Analyst/Expert- 
 Responsible for getting traffic to the website by improving the Google search rankings of a website.
• Social Media Manager handles social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
•  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Expert -Responsible for those ads which you see while browsing the internet.
•  Content Writer & Content Marketer -Responsible for creating optimized and trending content, coordinating with SEO team, keyword research etc.
•  Digital Marketing Manager -Looks at overall digital marketing, devising strategies, generating traffic, supervising all the above profiles.
• Digital Analytics Executive - Works on analytics tools such as Google analytics and analyzes website’s key performance metrics, social media platform metrics, and competitive trending to create forecasts using operational and statistical tools and models
•  Conversion Rate Optimizer -Responsible to collaborate with teams responsible for social media posts, email and blogging in order to optimize the conversion paths
•  Email Marketer -Creates email marketing campaigns to promote a product or service. 
 And the road ahead is full of many more such lucrative profiles in the area of digital marketing.
• Affiliate marketer-The affiliate searches for a product they enjoy then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.
All in all digital media offers a plethora of career opportunities! So “Gear up and get set go, your time is digital!” 

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