Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make!
| Education Jagat - 01 Dec 2019

The state of fresh graduates in India is worrisome to a great extent. Looking at the employable skills of the fresh graduates, it clearly indicates that there are a lot of mistakes which these graduating students commit knowingly or unknowingly.
 It is observed that students lack awareness of what the industry demands and to some extent the education system and institutions are to be blamed for this.
 I would list out some top mistakes fresh graduates or graduating students make in the career. 
• Don’t focus on employable skills computer skills, problem solving, numerical ability, team work, self motivation, behavioural aspects and communication. These are very distinct than academics.
• Have very casual attire / dress sense while going to job interviews, other formal occasions, which doesn’t give the very much required good first impression.
• Expect salary according to the degree and not competence – Students need to understand that degree is just a entry ticket for job interview and to show what theory you know. Type of degree / qualification and salary package has no direct relevance.
• Don’t build right attitude – Positive attitude and right attitude towards work, colleagues and organisation is a must.
• Switch jobs within 1-2 years – Biggest mistake many fresh graduates make more often and land in trouble over long term. It is best advised to stay in one organisation for at least 3-5 years. Job hopping is no good at all.
• Consider management degree as ‘a must’ to excel in career – Management education is not a sure shot path to good jobs or high paying jobs. This is a myth which has been percolating in urban as well as rural student community. Not everybody needs to be a learned management guy to secure job or progress.
• Have large spending pattern resulting into less saving – Low priority to savings and investments and being a spendthrift lands them in problem in the long run.
• See colleagues as competitors rather than team members – Fresh graduates when enter into the job market first time, considering everybody around them as a ‘competitor’ spoiling the game and relations. Lack of team work attitude makes colleagues as competitors and job satisfaction reduces.
• Write a bio-data instead of Resume – Though with no or little work experience, fresh graduates cannot draft a good Resume and mention bio-data which is irrelevant to others. It does not list skills but lists only paper qualifications.
• Don’t read business newspapers to enhance business awareness – Lacking what is happening in the business world, makes them an alien to the job and makes them outdated soon resulting into frustration and job loss. Being business aware through reading business newspapers is a wonderful employable skill.
 These mistakes are clearly avoidable by doing very simple and easy things. The important point to make is that students should have the hunger for learning to improve and this should necessarily happen ‘daily’.

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