Don’t Take Internships Lightly
| Education Jagat - 02 Jun 2019

It is a fact that internships are beneficial both for students as well as employers. For students, money must not be the objective at least at the start of their career. For a fresher learning and experiences on job matters most and pays big rewards in future. For employers they can save plenty of costs using the interns’ effectively and in smart ways. Internship is a way for companies to test out an employee before committing to hiring them. Interns need to ensure safety, security of the data and the assets and respect the privacy of the internship providing organizations. They must win the confidence of the employers that they are no less than the permanent members of the organization. It’s through winning trust only they will be given ample opportunities to learn and develop. 
 One serious trend is on the rise that neither the students nor the employers are taking internships serious. Students take it casual and easily give up if they don’t find the organizations cooperative. When the rewards and perks are missing, they find it harder to work beyond limits. Some students just approach organizations and arrange certificate of completion of internship and do nothing to improve their skills. Employers on the other side do not cooperate with the interns and make them badly suffer. Organizations have a strong responsibility to cooperate and contribute towards the progress of interns and support them as much as possible. Interns must note that today employers and organizations mean work and productivity. They can’t win any game dishonestly and with short cuts. They must work hard and try their best as much as possible. Interns can learn a lot about their strengths and weaknesses during an internship.  They must never hesitate and ask questions, observe, and take risks to get the most out of their internship training experience. As a faculty member in a University, I mostly find that the students who are serious with their internships come back strongly and brimmed with confidence. Moreover it is also found that once they complete their degree courses, it takes a short time for them to secure a job as compared to ones who are non-serious with their internships.
  Small businesses can benefit highly through offering an internship program. Such initiatives should be launched with due care and planning. Organizations must be clear with what they want to achieve through internships. They should ensure that interns will have an opportunity to receive meaningful feedback on their performance. Interns must be monitored by enthusiastic people who have time to tackle the responsibilities associated with the job. 
  It’s not easy to find an internship and requires much time and effort. Employers have initiated the selection process to offer the internships in order to get the best interns. There are a number of websites that students can use to find internships. LinkedIn is one among the good source where students can open an account and some of the best internships can be found through networking on this site. is another popular site for internships. is also one of the most popular websites for finding an internship. It offers broad search options regarding internships like industry, location etc. 
  Students should wholeheartedly pursue an internship. The reason is employers overwhelmingly point to internship experiences as one of the most important factors they consider in hiring college students for full-time positions. 

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