Career After XII
| Education Jagat - 02 Jun 2019

Now that class 12th results are out, and school is over, it is time to take the all-important decision to what to do next.
 With innumerable options available today, deciding a career path can be difficult. It may even seem daunting and overwhelming. You can be filled with doubts, despite the best advice from friends and family, and wonder if what you are doing is right. If you already know which career path to take, then you must be preparing for entrance exams or getting ready to fill college applications.
 However, if you are part of the select few with no clue what to do next, read on:
Know your Interests
 Since the decision to pursue a career after class 12th is such an important one, you will get a lot of advice from your family and friends. However, it is crucial that you choose a direction that aligns with your
interests and aptitude. If you are interested in a traditional career, such as an Engineer, Doctor, or a Business Professional, it is best to go with a course in the same stream.   But, if you are a bird with different colored feathers and want to pursue a career in music or the arts or want to become an actor, you should opt for a course in line with your creative pursuits or a stream that allows you to follow them.
Choose the Right Course
 These days there are numerous courses that one can take up to suit their career path. You have the option of a degree course, a diploma course, weekday course, weekend course, or even distance learning/part time studies. Thoroughly understand the course particulars - syllabus and teaching methodology and then take a decision. Try and reach out to alumni or seniors studying there currently to get an idea of what it would be like.
Know the Future 
 Now that you know what your interests are and how you can train yourself to pursue those interests, it becomes important to evaluate the future prospects of the line that you have chosen.
 Though pursuing your interests should be the primary motivator, the financial viability of the career path should be given its due importance as well. If the above-mentioned steps still do not give you clarity regarding the path you should take, try the reverse approach. In this approach, visualize yourself professionally a few years into the future. Once you know that goal, plan in reverse to understand the qualifications that will help you achieve that goal. For example, if you want to be a pilot, plan in reverse and find out the stream/course that best suits the needs of your career. Accordingly, choose the course that will help you achieve that goal.
 However, if you are still not clear about what path to take, don’t fret. Choose a degree in a subject that interests you and continue to research. Participate in college activities and interact with people from different professions. Do your best where you are, and eventually, you will find your way.

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