India has highest number of students in Germany: Philipp Ackermann
| Education Jagat - 16 Aug 2023

German Ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann on said India has the highest number of students in Germany with a total of 42,000 plus students, 25 percent more within one year.
 “Great! 42,000+ Indian students in Germany, 25 percent more within one year. India is now the No. 1 group of foreign students in Germany, much faster than expected! Germany is popular among Indian students – and Indian students are popular in Germany, I hear from professors very often,” the German Ambassador tweeted on Thursday.
 Last month, Phillip Ackermann said German universities are keen on having Indian students due to their good reputation.
 Ackermann, however, advised students to exercise caution when working with agencies, as some fraudulent agencies have been identified. He recommended that students from Punjab independently verify their documents and submit their applications directly, without relying on agencies.

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