Environmental Pollution is the biggest Global Problem
| Toshturdiyev Nurbek - 16 Jul 2023

The natural quality and quantity of life environments on our planet: air, water, soil, flora and fauna, and many other important factors have changed dramatically in the current period. About this above, to some extent.data displayed. People themselves are the cause of this, of course. If we express a more precise opinion, it will not be a mistake to say that until now, people have abused all kinds of natural resources, i.e. organic and inorganic resources, and caused great damage to the environment. It should be noted that there are 80 bln. More than one person has lived (an account of French scientists) and, without a word, they had different effects on nature in different periods.

     The human race appeared on the earth, and to fully satisfy the needs of all its life and activities, it was always in a thrifty (irrational) attitude towards the vital factors in the environment. Of course, in the early times, that is, in primitive times when people were not so numerous, natural areas were abundant enough on Earth and the environment managed to restore its natural parameters. was The fact that self-healing is inherent is sufficiently substantiated in scientific sources.

    In addition to the above, it should be noted that in the past several thousand years, the tools and equipment used in various fields, as well as other tools, were technically complex, especially not so much, as they are now. So, it can be said that the natural environment and vital resources have not been strongly affected. The impact on the environment and nature has increased tremendously in the last hundred years - the 20th century, mainly due to the unprecedented high level of science and technology.

    In the last century, scientific and technical discoveries and inventions began to be widely used in the production of various fields. The basis of this is the need to fully satisfy the needs of humanity, which has increased without a word, of course. All the necessary substances, products, and materials began to be obtained only at the expense of indiscriminate use of natural resources: forests were cut down, vacant arid lands were used for agricultural purposes, many reservoirs were created, various types of land and underground mineral resources were mined and processed, etc. So, all kinds of industrial enterprises, equipment - vehicles, and energy facilities began to operate on a global scale.

     It is well known to many that almost all technical and technological devices emit extremely harmful foreign elements into the environment as waste materials. They are gas, liquid, and solid chemical substances - products. They can also be recycled. But, in most cases, not only recycled but are also thrown away without sufficient cleaning and disinfection. Even now, for the most part, it is. As a result, living environments have lost their natural characteristics and changed, resulting in various problems. Below are examples of the 4 main life environments on Earth.

Air pollution. It is known that the air environment is the most necessary for all-natural factors. In other words, air ensures the implementation of energy exchange processes between all living organisms (plants and animals) and inanimate nature — a continuous substance between mineral rocks. Without the atmosphere, life would not exist. Finally, while air is the primary living medium, Earth's weather is also an important factor in the periodic reshaping of its climate. To confirm our opinion, we present the results of some scientific observations and research conducted by scientists and specialists. It was found that without air, the night and day temperatures on Earth can differ by up to 200 °C. Naturally, no creature can live in such conditions, and it is impossible to tolerate them at all.

    Air, in addition to being a source of respiration, serves as the main factor for the fulfillment of many natural processes on Earth, as noted above. One example is that the seasons, which repeat themselves over and over again each year, are characterized by their characteristic weather, rainfall, and other climatic features, due to the atmospheric medium. On the global scale, evolutionarily, the development of human society is realized, and with time, various industrial enterprises, energy facilities, and similar man-made factors are gradually created, and due to their activities, the negative impact on the natural environment increases. went In particular, many different gases, dirty gases, and harmful substances began to be released into the air.

Water environment and its pollution. In nature, sources of water are suitable for consumption and the amount of water in them is limited. It was discussed before. Existing sources are also being polluted due to the mixing of various effluents and waste materials. It is well known to many that there is a problem of drinking water shortage in the world at present. It should be noted that such a problem exists in our republic and the Central Asian region as a whole.

Current pollution of natural water sources is mainly due to sewage. It is known that dirty sewage usually occurs in 2 different ways: the first is caused by natural factors. These include runoff from rainfall, such as large amounts of highway and industrial runoff, and runoff from spring floods. The second way is a large amount of wastewater generated by the activities of industrial enterprises, households, and communal households.

The above-mentioned wastewaters, especially the second type, contain a lot of various harmful compounds that destroy the water environment and change its quality. It is known that at the moment, in one night, on the world scale, only at the expense of industrial enterprises, more than 100 million cubic meters.

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