Gamification in Preschool Children
| Jovliyeva Zarina - 01 May 2023


Preschool childhood is a short but important period of personality formation.  During these years, the child receives an initial knowledge about the life around him, in which the skills and habits of correct behavior are formed, and a certain attitude towards the character begins to form.  The main activity of preschool children is play, during which the child's mental and physical strength develops;  his attention, memory, imagination, discipline, and dexterity.  In addition, the game is an important means of mental education for the child, which is characteristic of preschool age.  Knowledge acquired in kindergarten and at home finds practical use and development in the game.  Retelling various life events, and episodes from fairy tales and stories, the child reflects on what he saw, read, and was told;  the meaning of many events, their meaning becomes more understandable to him.  The embodiment of life impressions in the game is a complex process.  The creative game cannot be subjected to narrow didactic goals, with its help the most important educational tasks are solved.  Children choose a play role based on their interests, dreams, and future profession.  They are still childishly simple, and they change several times, but it is very important that the child dreams of participating in work useful for society.  Gradually, in the game, the child develops general ideas about the meaning of work and the role of various professions.  Children's mental activity in the game is always related to the work of imagination;  you need to find a role for yourself and imagine how the person you want to imitate will act and say.  Imagination also manifests itself and develops in the search for means to implement the plan;  before you can fly you have to build a plane;  for the store, you need to get suitable goods, if they are not enough, make it yourself.  Thus, the game develops the creative abilities of the future student.  In the game, all aspects of the child's personality are formed, and significant changes occur in his psyche, preparing him to move to a new, higher stage of development.  This explains the great educational potential of the game, which psychologists consider to be the leading activity of the preschool child.

The game is the leading activity of preschool children.  In preschool educational organizations, children are educated through games.  In the game, all aspects of the child's personality are formed in unity and interaction.  Children will have the ability to organize only if it is possible to form a friendly team, to instill feelings of friendship, to fascinate them with the work of adults, their good deeds, and games that reflect their relationships.  In turn, you can successfully develop the creativity and activity of each child only with good organization of the children's team.

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