Don't tell the world what can be done, show how you do it
| Oksana Slovik - 16 Apr 2023

"We want to act: to develop ourselves and others to be useful to Ukraine and the world in general..." (Ukrainian youth - co-founders of the International Community "Ludstvo", October 2022)

The terrible war in Ukraine united Ukrainian youth from different parts of the world for joint activities for the benefit of their country and the whole world in the International Community "Humanity". Youth is our future. Children, teenagers, and young people, especially now, in the conditions of war in Ukraine, need the support and help of adults. Their need for quality education, unlimited creativity, interesting communication, effective self-realization, and creative self-expression made them feel even more strongly. They, like never before, strive to be useful, work, act, and feel needed.

The community was created to:

• Organize and conduct events for children and youth, according to their own chosen directions and topics.

 • Implement programs for the development of strategies and development ideas for territorial Ukrainian communities.

• Develop and implement online courses on acquiring future skills.

• coordinate the creation of youth hubs of mutual development according to one's interests.

• Ensure the functioning of the business games training hub.

• Develop sites for digitizing children's drawings drawn during the war by children from all over the world.

• Organize online summer training camps for young people.

• And many other things On February 25, the Ludstvo community will launch a unique and unique mini-EdCamp for children. Everything is done by children who are in different parts of the world!

Mini-EdCamp will be the starting event of the "Lyudstva" activity, which is an initiative of Ukrainian youth for the development of everyone as full citizens of the world. It will function as a community of progressive and goal-oriented youth, which is aimed at finding themselves, their place in the world, and like-minded people with whom they can change themselves and the world around them. We are sure that the International Community "Lyudstvo" in general and the children's EdCamp, in particular, will become another brick in building a strong, educated, and happy Ukrainian society.

It is precisely for the implementation of children's initiatives at the systemic level that we ask to attract young people from all over the world to the Community and support us.

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