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| Khatia Bibiluri - 03 Dec 2022

It is an undeniable fact that nowadays the vast majority of students have a hectic schedule, and they suffer from stress and fatigue. Most of them are reluctant to attend classes and get involved in the activities they are offered. It is pivotal to generate their interest and spark their curiosity. Schoolchildren frequently register complaints about subjects and they are inclined to be idle.  Educators should do their best to make the learning process more absorbing. After lackluster performance pupils get bored and do not express an avid interest in subjects.
 Before giving lessons it is essential to start your class with energizers because they assist students to be more alert or physically active. They are incredibly beneficial and a crucial factor in the success of our work. With the aid of energizers, teachers are allowed to create a positive learning environment.
 At the beginning of my career, I found it difficult to capture my students’ attention and they seemed distracted. It was frustrating, so I was forced to change my approaches and teaching methods.
 If a teacher is eager to make their pupils get engaged in the learning process, they have to be innovative and should demonstrate their creativity, especially while working with kids. A good illustration of this is grammar, a plethora of children loathe rules and they consider them rather complicated and inane.  Hence, teachers need to simplify it and make grammar easier. 
 In primary school, I encountered numerous problems related to grammar.  Students couldn’t differentiate between The Present Simple and The Present Continuous. I sank into depression, but I remained sanguine. Fortunately, I discovered the solution to this problem. I decided to call these tenses completely different names because it was simpler to perceive.
 We drew a beautiful butterfly on the board and called it ING and wrote the keywords in its wings. We used UMBRELLA for the Present Simple. Schoolchildren drew an umbrella and hung Signal Words on it. They found it easy to highlight the differences between these two tenses. The next day they had to take a test and pupils yielded fruitful results.
 After this lesson, I discovered that using drawings is the best way to explain grammar.  Loads of children remember language more easily when they learn through creative activities.  
Grammar + Songs 
 As far as I am concerned songs are the best way to teach English grammar, it will enable us to maintain learners’ interest throughout our lessons. Teaching through music appeals to everybody, regardless of the age or background of the learner. In the seventh grade, children had difficulty with understanding Second Conditional, but I devised ways to make it fun and comprehensible. My students created a song about the second conditional, and they sang it with a music teacher.
Why is Spelling essential in early learning?
 As a teacher, I place greater emphasis on spelling because it is one of the most important aspects of writing accurately.
 It is a well-known fact that some children are not good at writing words.  
 Kids are crazy about playing, so I decided to invent a game that would create an environment where practicing would be fun rather than boring.
That game involves teamwork and competition.
 I divide the class into two groups. They have to stand in two lines.  They need to pick up a piece of chalk, run and write the word on the blackboard. The more words they write correctly, the more score they obtain. The winner is the team who will be nimble and precise. At the end of the game, we count the number of correct words and announce a contest winner. They put boundless energy into it, this game boosts their motivation.
A sense of competitiveness should be encouraged in children.
 The best way to make your class more engrossing is to plan your lesson with your pupils. Modern technology progresses so rapidly that sometimes teachers can learn a lot and find out new things from their students, too.

I’m Khatia Bibiluri from Georgia as an English teacher and I work in one of the private schools. I do not devote sufficient time to my family because of my hectic schedule. I am entirely dedicated to my work. I enjoy working with children.
 I take part in youth exchanges and training to gain experience and acquire knowledge. I have a keen interest in this realm and I am eager to become a professional teacher. I have a certificate in CAE and TOEFL. I need CELTA, which will enable me to work at a University.
 I am in constant search of new and modern teaching methods that will allow me to improve my students’ academic achievements.


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