Student use mobile flashlights to write exam in Bihar college
| Education Jagat - 22 Jul 2022

Students of a prominent college in Bihar’s Munger city were allegedly allowed to write exams using their mobile phone torchlight. The incident was reported from RD & DJ College, Munger. when the power had tripped due to inclement weather and the college generator was not functioning either.
 “We were writing our answers when suddenly the power was cut and we were left in darkness as it was raining,” an examinee identified as Ashutosh Mishra said.
 “After the administration failed in starting the generator, they ordered us to use our mobile torch to write answers”, Mishra added.
 “But it was not easy to handle a mobile phone with one handwriting answers by using the other hand,” he said.
 Another examinee without disclosing his identity said, “The college and university here are playing a cruel joke with students.”
 During the ongoing BA Part I examination on Wednesday, students were writing their subsidiary paper History when it started raining heavily because of which the electricity supply got disrupted.
 Later, the college administration tried to operate the generator to no avail as it had developed a snag.
 “We were helpless after our generator could not start and even we tried and called a mechanic to rectify the snag but it could not be started”, centre superintendent Sanjay Bharti said adding, “We asked the examinees to use their mobile torch as ongoing examinations could not be postponed.”
 He, however, remained tight-lipped over the ban on using mobile torches inside the examination hall.
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