Saga of Online Education
| Education Jagat - 02 Aug 2020

“Technology today has given wings to education”, however the tricks and trade of flying are being honed by the teaching fraternity.
 Let us reflect upon, the saga of how technology became a powerful weapon in the world of education!
 One year back, who imagined that the optional online platform of education, would become the only option available for education!
 The emergence of corona virus resulting in pandemic leads to the fast transition from traditional education to online education.
Be it schools or colleges or coaching centers, everywhere the mode of teaching became online.
Education institutes started using learning management platforms like Google classroom, Talent LMS, iTunes U, Thinkific, Schoology, etc
 Teachers who initially grappled with the softwares and online education delivery later got acquainted and became experts in the same.
 Students who got the initial thrill of being at home and yet being in a class, later started missing their real school and college feel over the virtual experience.
 Students got the benefit of easy access to classes from home, the flexibility of taking the classes without traveling, and not being in proper uniforms with more cost savings and convenience. However, the drawbacks were major like the lack of face to face social interaction and the absence of a feel-good factor of being physically present in a school or college.
 The over-dependency on the internet and back to back classes with no social refreshments made the classes mundane.
 Peer learning suffered majorly with minimum peer to peer interaction coming into existence in an online setup, which also posed challenges to team-building exercises.
 However, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so was the online education pedagogy which was recreated by the teaching fraternity with fun capsules and tricks and trade of keeping students engaged.
 It is a well-known fact that students need to be developed holistically with respect to physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects and schools and colleges offer the avenues for the same. However, with virtual classrooms taking over, teachers are trying hard to create avenues for virtual holistic development.
 So let us gear up for the trends and innovation in the virtual education world as online education is going to be the flavor of this season!!!

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