| Jane Godwin Coury - 16 Sep 2019

Change is the law of nature. Everything changes with the swift change of time. Every natural object possesses the quality of transformation. The static position is the symbol of dead or actionless of the thing. Change is inevitable. Everyone must become proficient at navigating change. It’s impossible to escape change, then why delay in changing the learning system? Let’s join in the mission of learners centered has come up with the name E-learning.  
E-learning is coming with a great revolution in education. Its merits are innumerable. It is time-saving. Without any wastage of time, every click of time can be utilized. As time is the most powerful thing in the whole world. It is said about the value of time, ‘Every pinch of time saves you nine’. If E-learning saves time that is all.
 It is a Choice-based system. In this type of learning, a student is free to choose time, place and technology as he desires. He gets the uses of four media: audio, print, video, and digital message too that he can’t get in traditional learning. There is no worry about the cost. It is a very cheaper way of learning. That is why every category student can take benefit of it.
 A learner needsn’t spent any money on traveling in search of material purchase or copy etc if he adopts E-learning for enhancing knowledge. He can get print and video material free of cost from various sites of learning. E-learning is a learner-centered. The traditional system is often teacher-centered. E-learning possesses the quality of Interactivity and Friendliness. 
Undoubtedly, E-learning is a boon for learning. Nevertheless, there are several hurdles on the way to apply the new technique. Internet connectivity is the measure issue. Within the same time, Organisations are the issues. Organizations have to avoid the traditional use of technologies. They have to adopt the latest technologies. All one-way teaching should be replaced by two-way technologies.
 High-quality content is the need for web-based technology. Step by step ways are to be adopted for it? The latest technologies or web-based technologies should be adopted. Institutes should purchase the tools of high quality not based on commission or offer. E-learning should be made M-learning (Mobile-learning) so that learners and teachers both can use it. E-learning can’t go well without teamwork. A single person can’t be an expert on all things about the use of every tool used in e-learning. In every team, there is a need for subject expert (Content expert), media expert, instructional designers. As e-learning is two ways process, it is to be observed if the contents are developed in such a matter as can serve this purpose. There should be the use of synchronous (Real-time e.g. skype etc two ways communication) and Asynchronous (e-mail, WhatsApp, etc. when someone gets time.

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