2021 Change-maker Turkish Student Eye Global Student Prize
| Muhammet Aydin - 16 Apr 2022

Selim Keceli boasts of being one of the Global changemaker award-winning students who was picked among thousands of inspiring students across the Globe in 2021. He is now excited to apply for the $100,000 Global Student Prize by Chegg.org. Global Student Prize is a US$100,000 award presented to an exceptional student, who makes a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers, and on society beyond. The was launched in 2021 as a sister award to the $1 million Global Teacher Prize by Chegg.org partnered with the Varkey Foundation to create the prize. The 2022 Application is open to all students who are at least 16 years old and enrolled in an academic institution or training and skills program. Selim Keceli, the founder of the international OGB Project, said. ‘’ I graduated from Talas Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, one of the most disadvantaged schools in Türkiye. As a vocational high school students, student groups are subjected to some kind of prejudice that no students in such schools have an academic goal. I knew I had to work very hard to turn the disadvantages into advantages and break that prejudice. And when I won the university entrance exam among millions of students making a top degree,  I achieved that goal. My school administration showed me a good example for the students around Turkey.  I am now studying at the double department at the undergraduate level in the fields of Special Education Teaching and Classroom Teaching of Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences which is the first university of the Turkish Republic, by making a degree among approximately 2 and a half million students in the university exam. Thanks to my success, I won an education scholarship in one of the country’s most respected foundations, the Turkish Education Foundation, Turkey’s biggest education foundation. In addition, the Foundation commissioned me as a mentor to assist other scholars as a result of my academic research and achievements. Another Turkish student that I mentored, Pınar Çoker earned her master’s degree at Hacettepe University through my mentoring role.
 SETA Foundation, one of the country’s major think tanks, chose me as an intern among many undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students, and I did my internship at the Political, Economic, and Social Research Foundation on educational sciences.  I completed my internship by successfully explaining the report of the Tohum Autism Foundation on autism research.
 I regard myself as a global citizen and a community volunteer. I am especially interested in any social projects that aim to create equal opportunities for all. With this aim, I founded a social initiative called the OGB Project, which was one of my childhood dreams and helped me establish great connections across the Globe. OGB Project project/community unity organization that aims to create equal opportunities for individuals with special needs and their families, and in society for individuals with special needs and special education. As a result of all the project activities I carried out, I made an agreement with We Make Change, a global organization for cooperation and support for our project/community organization. Thanks to my project, I organized seminars with many academicians and experts who have done effective work in the field of special education worldwide. Families and students could participate in my seminars free of charge. I informed the families of individuals with special needs and specialists working with individuals with special needs, teachers, psychologists, psychological counselors, guidance counselors, doctors, and families with children with normal development within the scope of integration studies and scientifically based practices in special education. In addition, I provided a free consultation to the families of individuals with low socioeconomic status who cannot provide psychosocial support to their children. Specialists and families, students, teachers, language and speech therapists, physiotherapists, preschool teachers, and class teachers who carry out serious studies on individuals with special needs and their families also participated in my seminars. (Special Education Teachers: Guin Geyer, Stephanie Renaud, Robert Gbari Gariba, Santhi Karamcheti, Psychologist Jose Hernandez, Lecturer Egemen Nakışcı, Dr. Faculty Member Fatih Emrah Demir, Prof. Dr. Elif Sazak, Dr. Steve Woolf, Dr. Bulent Madi, Prof. Dr. Yasemin Ergenekon, Dr. Faculty Member Emel Sardohan Yıldırım, Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Çitil, Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Ataman, Prof. Dr. Tevhide Kargin, Assoc. Dr. Flame Girl).

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