Online teaching at Primary School
| Ivana Basic - 16 Nov 2021

Due to COVID 19 and isolation, many schools had to adapt to a different way of teaching. Teachers quickly educated themselves and held distance learning through online platforms. It took a long time for both teachers and students to get used to such a way of working.
 To bring the teaching as close as possible to the student, various online learning platforms were used. Microsoft Teams was used in my class. Since not all students have the same conditions for working remotely, I had to choose those Web 2.0 tools that are available to all students.
  Google Forms was used to load homework because it allows multiple files to be uploaded to a single form and all stored on Google Drive. Since not all students were able to access the Microsoft Teams at the beginning of the online class, a class website was created where the materials for the work were posted. decided daily.
 The best online teaching was through Zoom. Both parents and students are extremely satisfied with such classes, and they expressed their satisfaction through a survey in Google Forms. The survey found that students miss their friends very much, and working through Zoom is an opportunity to see and socialize.
 The web 2.0 tools were mostly used for the work: Bookwidgwts, Padlet, Genially, Wakelet Book creator, and Kahoot. Students love Kahoot because it is an interactive tool, it uses elements of learning through play, and in students, it encourages a competitive spirit and thus increases motivation. The scoring system is based on the physical obtained for the correct answer and the time within which the correct answer is given. I use Google Forms and Bookwidgets for student self-assessment.
  The advantages and disadvantages of distance learning have been identified. The biggest drawback is quality evaluation, as it cannot be determined whether they are students completed the task independently. The advantages are that students acquire knowledge at their own pace, passing it on in the way that suits them best fits. In this way, they are encouraged to work even when they encounter an obstacle, because they have the opportunity to repeat, to request new resources. Which will help them to adequately master the material.
  The teacher has the freedom to prepare many different contents for the same teaching unit, and it is up to the students to choose and use those that suit them best. The content becomes diverse and therefore inspiring, and the teaching individualized to the level where it is respected the needs of all students.

Ivana Basic has a Master’s Degree in primary education. He has the title of excellent advisor. She is the winner of the international Global Teacher Award for 2019 and the winner of the state award given by the Ministry of Science and Education to the most successful teachers. She is the winner of the Green ThinkerZ Awards 2020 and the winner of Global Teacher Award Environment teacher 2020 awarded by the Eco Training Center - Sweden. She is the winner of the award of the City of Opuzen for achievements in education.   
  He is a goodwill ambassador at the Vivekananda World Peace Foundation. She is interested in modern technologies in education and is constantly improving through various courses. He participates in volunteer actions with his students. She participated in the volunteer action “Boranka” in afforestation of Mosor. She has mentored many students. Participates with students in sustainable development activities. 
 She has organized humanitarian actions for a home for neglected children. She has completed many courses on the use of ICT technology in teaching and often creates teaching materials using 2.0 tools to make teaching as interesting as possible for her students. She regularly participates in professional development and is the head of the County Professional Council for primary school teachers. She is involved in the eTwinning community and is happy to participate in international projects and is multiple winners of national and European labels for the quality of work on projects. She has given expert lectures at all levels. She participated as a trainer in the workshops “How to learn successfully in an online environment”, conducted by the Ministry of Science and Education (MZO) together with its partners as part of the Comprehensive Curriculum Reform and experimental program “School for Life” and participated as a trainer in the project -schools with the topic “Paths of digital competencies”.

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