Student guidance methods and vocational education
| Yun Jeonghyun - 01 Apr 2023

Let me talk about personality education and after-school activities.
 I also tried to teach personality. I don’t know if there is a saying about personality education in foreign countries. In Korea, personality education refers to education that is essential for students to live together, such as education of manners, personality education, community education, and environmental education. We emphasize consideration and cooperation for society. I made students do volunteer work for personality education purposes.
 I organized a volunteer club because I thought it was important to give students the right personality through sharing and consideration and to teach students who are continuing their studies to return to a society that helped them.
 Volunteering activities were conducted with the talents gained through after-school programs to guide personality education through social and school education and provided students with an opportunity to experience the fact that their talents were useful.
 In Korea, volunteer work is included in the regular curriculum at the educational level, and volunteer work is very active. Since 2005, local children’s centers have provided community development and sharing personality education through computer guidance, learning guidance, drone education, hands-on activities, facility service, singing and dance performances, community camphor participation, and care for the elderly living alone.
 In addition, welding services were provided for facilities broken in farming and fishing villages through welding learned at school, and volunteer work was provided for farming and fishing villages. The students were educated in both technical and personality education necessary for living in society.
 As a result, it became the best club among middle and high schools in Korea, and at the same time, it is the club that has the most active volunteer activities. It is the only case in Korea that has won 14 ministerial awards for volunteer work.
 I will talk about my vocational education method.
 In vocational education, education today is always outdated. Education cannot keep up with the pace of technological development. It develops new high-tech technologies to make profits for corporate purposes, but it has no choice but to educate the technologies that are currently available. In other words, education is educating the skills of the past.
 Basic education is important for students. It is also important to develop the ability to do things on your own. Based on the skills you learned in school, you can go out to society and apply them and show your creativity.
 Just because schools provide creative education, not all students can develop creativity. Various experiences and skills are important to students.
 Also, students need to develop the ability to do things on their own in school education. In other words, schools teach students how to fish. It’s not a place to fish and give it to students. You shouldn’t educate students by fishing.
 Although it is an automobile major, it has taught the subjects necessary for society in the curriculum. In Korea, the curriculum was operated according to the actual situation of farming and fishing villages because schools can choose subjects autonomously.
 I’m an automobile major, but I didn’t teach only cars. I am a maintainer of agricultural machinery associated with cars. I taught construction machinery maintenance and made welding basic. I also taught construction machinery operations such as forklifts, excavators, rollers, etc. I also taught Word, Axel, and PowerPoint, which are necessary for modern society. I also taught CAD and 3D printers.
 One might ask why you taught so many things like MacGyver.
 Students have different personalities and likes. After-school activities allowed students to choose what they like.
 And these days, you have to be an expert in your field, but you have to know well other than your field. As technology developed, the meaning of my major disappeared. It has been a long time since electricity and electrons came into the machinery sector. It is necessary to have overall basic skills in all areas.
 Educating students well and sending them to society is to develop individual students, develop society, and develop the nation. It also contributes to world development.
 I achieved the best and most technical education achievements in South Korea, including five guidance on obtaining the most certificates in high schools nationwide and six guidance on obtaining the most certificates for high school students nationwide.
 This time, I will talk about how to overcome difficulties.
 The Korean education system is excellent. School fees are also fully subsidized by the Office of Education. Provided, That the practice expenses shall not be used other than those items because they are subsidized as the purpose project expenses.
 The hardest part is the money needed to run after-school activities.
 The school I work for is a rural school. It is difficult to recruit students, and it is not a school where excellent students come. The family situation is also difficult. Looking at it, students work part-time a lot to make a living.
 Until 10 years ago, students worked part-time to learn certificates and skills. Because it takes a lot of money to get a license. Students themselves worked part-time to get a certificate because they couldn’t apply all the skills they learned at home.
 It was unfortunate that such a thing was brought the money from an outside institution through a public offering 10 years ago. After-school activities are expensive. It costs a lot of money to obtain certificates such as students’ practice fees and certificate application fees.
 If you have a lot of money, you can give it to anyone who needs it, but because the money is limited, the agency conducts a public offering project. There is fierce competition to be selected for the contest project. There is a lot of work to draw up, execute and report the results of proposals.
 All applications were made if there was an organization that was applied. Of course, not all applications are selected. There are conditions for the selection of public offerings. In some cases, money was needed when the conditions for selection were not available. It was so difficult at that time.
 So I wrote a letter directly to the scholarship foundation. I sent a letter to tell you about the school situation and to support the students. Since 2010, the amount of money received as a public offering has been $630,000. I received a huge amount of money as a public offering project. The money that was selected for the contest was spent on after-school activities for the students.    This is why I became a famous teacher in Korea.
 I will talk about how to communicate with students.
 It’s very hard to get people’s hearts. To get closer to students, teachers must show sincere behavior.
 I had counseling by scraping job information and newspaper articles that help students. Since the popularization of the Internet, I have posted newspaper articles on my blog to consult students. I showed students employment notices which are suitable for their aptitude and taught them how to plan and prepare for a certificate so they set their goals accurately.
 When students set goals in school life, they try to set goals and do not wander around in adolescence.
 On weekends, I talked with students by text message. Students in need can call me at any time. I called the students frequently on weekends. I listened to the difficult situations of the students and gave them directions for studying. I talked with students whenever I had time.
 Let me talk about how to encourage students.
 People have good points and bad points. People have one specific area they are better than others. I only praise students for their strengths. Students become more confident when they have praise.
 Besides my strengths, I usually say compliments students. If you praise students, they think they are good at it. I constantly praised the students for their good points, and I saw their change like a miracle.
 Let me talk about the driving force behind the achievements.
 It was so tough that I thought to stop teaching students after doing it for only a year, but I continue to teach my students by watching them succeed in society. This has been continued for 30 years.
 I only taught my students to escape poverty and give them a comfortable life in the future. I’m not a patriot, I’m just loyal to the work that’s given me as a public servant. In other words, there is only a strong work ethic.
I have a strong spirit of challenge and have adapted well to change without giving up. Perhaps this is the most important factor. Good choice and concentration are the second factors.  The key point was to put the student in the right position and concentrate all the resources.
 I will talk about the development process of South Korea.
 It’s about the late 1960s when I was in elementary school. Many people were too poor to eat lunch. The United States supported flour and the school made bread with flour and gave it to the students. During lunchtime, many students went to the waterfront. Being hungry, the students comforted themselves with water. I remember the first time of eating bananas when I was in middle school in the late 1970s. When I was in elementary and middle school, Korea was not a country where lived well.  There is nothing but human resources in Korea. We studied harder and worked harder while others slept.
 There was no house, no factory, or anything else because the war between North and South Korea broke out in 1950. Imagine what Korea would have done if it had changed from nothing to the current development of Korea.
 For 70 years before Korea became what it is today, Korea has been running forward. Even now, many places in Korean schools study until 10 p.m. The development of Korea did not happen overnight.
 Next to where I worked, there is a place called Pohang Steel. Iron and coal are imported from foreign countries to produce iron. With a single factory, it is the largest one in the world, the world’s most productive, and there are not many people working because of automation. Among the resources for producing iron, Korea only has a human resources.
 The development of Korea was worked only by human power. Even now, most people in Korea are very sincere, hardworking, and concentrating hard on their work. This was the driving force behind the development of the country.
Let me talk about my philosophy of education

The school I worked for is a farming and fishing village. Students in farming and fishing villages do not live well compared to the Korean average. They don’t have a good family environment. If students go to society without specific skills, it is easy to pass on their poverty. I wanted to break the link of poverty for them. That’s why I kept doing after-school activities until 10 p.m. every night.
 My ultimate goal was to make students earn 4.0 million won (which is 3,600 dollars) per month. This amount is about twice the minimum wage in Korea. If someone has skills, he or she can lead a middle-class life in Korea.


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