Education of children with disabilities
| Saidova Dilnoza Bakhtiyor - 01 Apr 2023

Education is important for a healthy child as well as for a child with disabilities. It is a pity that today children with disabilities are discriminated against and left behind in our society. At the moment, various preschool educational institutions are operating in our country. M/n public, private, and family preschool education Institutions. Of course, these preschool educational institutions are attended by healthy, four-legged children. This is good, but.
  Why do they fall behind the children growing up in our society?
 After all, they also have the right to get an education, why blame the blind child? he wants to get an education like healthy children. Therefore, we need to work together with children with disabilities. If we prepare them mentally, physically, and spiritually for life in every way, they will become mature individuals who will benefit our society. we should increase their interest in life. Why, along with healthy children, disabled children (blind, hearing impaired...) do not come to preschool educational institutions and receive an education?
  As a student, I want to implement that by organizing interesting audiobooks for all types of visually impaired children, children with speech defects, and audio on various topics rich in motivation, and I plan to present them as a resource to educational organizations for children with disabilities. it grows, expands the worldview, and develops the mind. In the future, there will be good opportunities for children with disabilities. Our people say: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”, we need to focus on sports.
 The existing system of education for children with disabilities at home, boarding schools, and other special state institutions provides the child with the opportunity to receive a sufficiently high-quality education, but due to the lack of communication skills, this knowledge is not required. goes In this way, the society loses its material and spiritual wealth, and a person with limited opportunities loses the society, becomes lonely, unable to join his relatives, shy and shy. Until our government decides to take control of this problem, the situation will continue and our children’s thinking will remain stunted. If we create many opportunities to talk with children with disabilities, to increase their thinking, children will develop successfully in all aspects. For this, we need to develop many new projects. We need to organize special audiobooks for visually impaired children and direct them to education. It is necessary to involve disabled, deaf, deaf, and language-impaired children in education. Only then will society develop, and only then will they live a happy life. Based on this, we must develop inclusive education at a stronger level. Supporting inclusive education in our society will make it more meaningful to raise one step.

I am Saidova Dilnoza Bakhtiyor girl, I was born on July 15, 2002, in the Angor district of the Surkhandarya region. I am a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, my nationality is Uzbek. In 2020, I graduated from general education school No. 83 in the Qamashi district. In 2021, I was accepted to study at the Pedagogical Institute of Karshi State University. Currently, I am a student in the 2nd stage of preschool education at Shahrisabz State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Pedagogy. I am an amateur poet. Many of my poems have been published in newspapers and magazines. My story "Aspire to" has been published in the UK and is available for sale in More books. I am an official member of "JUNTOS POR LAS LETRAS" Portugal. I am a children's consultant for India's "Glory Future Foundation". Various events and competitions g Many of my poems have been performed by artists. This is a great happiness and a great achievement for me. The most important thing is that my parents are proud of me. "Juntos por las Letras" of Argentina; I am a member. In Great Britain, my creative works were published and sold in the HEART TO HEART anthology.

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