Gamification in action
| Prof. Hayet Hsini - 24 May 2022

The project " Game-caption" of which I am a member partner is learner-centered. It’s a candidate for an award in gamification. We are 13 teachers from three countries ( Tunisia, Turkey, and Georgia) and 96 students, the age range is from 9 to 13.

About the project :

Children make games with various things from their birth and get into touch with real-life using games. Games are indispensable to their lives. After the pandemic, our students have trouble adjusting to the school environment. We aim to ease this process by making them play games. They will be informed about mind games, web2.0 games, and traditional children's games and play them with their peers. Thus they will socialize and collaborate.

Aims :

- To ease the student's adjustment to school.

- To develop problem-solving and intellectual skills.

- To promote student-centered learning.

- To have fun while learning something.

- To gain values such as respect, sympathy, sharing, teamwork, collaboration …

- To allow the students to get to know different cultures and countries.

- Contributing to communication skills and socializing.

- To use web2.0 tools effectively.


Work process :

We expect that our project will last from December to April. Each month we determine a specific game topic and do the activities. Our topics are mind games, and traditional children's games. The work process will be uploaded to twin space pages, the partners will collaborate depending on this plan, twin space, webinars, social media, and tools will be used frequently for communication. Students will use various web2.0 tools.

Expected results :

We will create the twin space pages according to safety and privacy policy. The students will develop their reasoning, thinking, problem-solving, and strategy development skills. They ease the after-pandemic process by playing games. They will become aware of e-safety. They will socialize, cooperate and collaborate with their peers and develop their communication skills. They will learn various web2.0 tools and use them. Their self-confidence and digital competencies will improve.

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