‘Informal and Soft forms in Education through the presentation of construction exhibits’
| Dr. Vasileios Ag. Drougas - 16 May 2022

In recent years the curricula have changed towards the creation of new courses of new technologies and art in the school. This change is directly related to the changes that have taken place globally and about informal forms of education and of course the use of the internet.

The liberalization of the internet and the access of students to it created another access to knowledge and information. Until a few years ago, information was disseminated through discussions, seminars, educational television programs, and scientific discussions. Students did not have much access to new knowledge and information. So formal education was very important but at the same time very incomplete. Teachers and teachers have not had and still do not have much time from the program to follow other paths in educational practice.

The creation of new courses and new innovative methods of education outside the school was the first step. Within this change, the museum in all its forms entered very quickly and became an important element in education. Today museums organize permanent educational programs for students and adults and help students to get in touch with the knowledge and scientific and technological trends of each era.

Modern Museums are no longer just places where one can see only exhibits, but places that can offer unique educational opportunities in building knowledge in the natural sciences, art, and technology. This is the important point in changing the data in out-of-school education. But the school must be a partner in this new form of education that we call informal.

But in addition to museums and art galleries, experiential workshops and presentations of models and constructions help a lot in highlighting and documenting knowledge. Visiting students can identify science trends and seek scientific thought with their visits to exhibitions, museums, and art galleries.

These processes which we can cultivate in children a spirit of cooperation and efficiency but also teamwork, something that is an essential resource for their work success. Let's call this soft training.

Soft skills are more important than ever for success in the workforce, as the modern work environment places so much priority on teamwork and communication. However, the modern school curriculum relies heavily on the teaching of hard skills. Therefore, it is up to teachers to find ways to integrate soft skills into their current teaching.

Teachers should create or adapt existing activities to meet the needs of students so that there is a strong emphasis on teamwork, independent research, peer communication, time management, and presentation.

As part of the process for students' creative experience in extracurricular activities, I created a set of constructions with real physics models related to the kinematics, dynamics, and discoveries of optics and the light of Isaac Newton. These constructions are related to the discoveries but also the designs and thoughts of Isaac Newton. These models, approximately 120 in number, were accepted to be presented in a room provided to me by the Directorate of Secondary Education of the Prefecture of Arta, which belongs to the Ministry of Education of Greece. The purpose of the presentation of the models is purely educational and aims to develop a better and closer relationship of students with the science of Physics. Also to develop critical thinking and creativity, seek more sources for science, and understand phenomena and laws of Physics that Newton has dealt with. It is very important to teach our students to think more simply just as the natural law or a natural phenomenon works. The presentation of the exhibits can help students to ask questions and search deeper into their questions through books while it can work in addition to issues of consolidation of theory and practice not only for Science but also for art and technology connecting with new trends and discoveries with the principles of science.

The purpose of the Exhibition is for students to understand the importance of natural law, natural phenomena Get in touch with simple construction, with everyday life.To get to know Newton and consequently the Foundation of Physics To gain experience of evaluation and comparison with the learning process in their school To motivate them to create their models, propose solutions, and corrections, to discuss the phenomena of physics Some representative images from the presentation and exhibits constitute a unique collection of constructions in Newton's physics. You can also find more pictures of the exhibits and other constructions on the website. https://drougasis.blogspot.com/  


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