Teaching career in Gulf Countries
| Ishwar Deshmukh - 01 Apr 2022

With an increase in unemployment a limited opening in schools and colleges in the teaching profession, many postgraduates with getting SET/NET exams cleared and doctorates are struggling to get a decent job. The jobs they are offered are with very low salaries and minimum perks as many schools and colleges are unaided and financially unsound to offer a salary with the pay scale.

There are lots of opportunities in gulf countries of which many of the educated job seekers looking for teaching openings are not aware. Many are not aware of how rewarding teaching in gulf countries can be. India has become one of the most fertile sectors as a supplier of trained teachers to gulf countries. Therefore, despite economic turmoil, the education sector will require the best and sharp brains. Many countries look for Indians as they have proved to be the best as far as their potentials and hard work are concerned.

Qualification for teaching overseas

A lot of CBSE/ IGCSE and IB curriculum schools are in the gulf making teaching jobs easy for the Indians. These schools mainly look for the postgraduates with Bachelors/Masters in education and Doctorate for college/University with minimum teaching experience of 2-4 years for teachers/Lecturer, and 5-10 years of experience for Coordinators /Supervisors and Faculty Head.

How to get it

Apart from the advertisement in the leading newspapers, one has to keep checking careers in teaching/vacancies on the school website. The recruiting agencies are also there where one can approach; networking also helps a lot in getting a job.

Salaries and other benefits

The five days working pattern is followed in the entire gulf schools and colleges, the teacher is entitled to the summer vacation, apart from the holidays declared by the government and ministry of education. The salary spectrum of teachers varies from school and curriculum depending on their experience, qualifications, and designation. Most the school and colleges offer is very attractive tax-free salary /pay scale, benefits, and perks, including accommodation, medical insurance, paid annual leave, annual airfare, free education for children, and others.

However, before accepting an offer one should do complete research about the job market, average salary offered cost of living, and other details.

Social life

In all, Gulf countries are cool and peaceful to stay in. The countries have certain rules to be followed to lead a disciplined life. There are a large number of ex-pats populations and thus ex-pats run Social Clubs or organizations, where one can seek Annual Membership and enjoy the activities and festivals with the fullest zeal throughout the year.

The official weekend is Friday and Saturday. Apart from shopping malls and other tourist places, ex-pats can enjoy a range of adventurous activities like camping, swimming, and dune driving.

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