Why examination Phobia?
| Education Jagat - 16 Mar 2022

Examination Phobia or Examophobia is a morphological structural compounding word made up of two parts: left-hand part, ‘Examination’ and right-hand part, ‘Phobia’ The left-hand part (A) is subordinate to the right-hand part (B), the head. The subordinate is not equal to B, the head. B, the main word plays a vital role in this union. The headword Phobia comes from Greek ‘Phobos’ a word meaning a kind of anxiety disorder characterized by extreme or irrational fear during the examination time. It originated in the late 18th century. Examination Phobia is a psychological phenomenon caused by the mismanagement of the cycle among the teacher, student, parents, and school or college.  It is a state or situation in which a student suffers from heavy mental stress that causes him to forget the exact answers of the questions while solving the paper during the examination time that badly affects not only his educational or mental standard but also his overall personality. Such mental frustration can sometimes cause the student to commit suicide or abscond from home just after the declaration of the result.

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