Crystal Gazing into the world of Marketing!
| Dr. Deepti Wadera - 03 Mar 2022

Whoever thought that we who once used to watch Avatars like Shakti man and Phantom on TV, will self-become digital avatars for marketers!
 From the times of  Lalitaji advocating “Surf ki khariddari main hi samjhdari hai” in the ’80s to  “Humara Bajaj”  and “Kya swad hai Zindagi ka” of Cadburys in ’ the 90s, we witnessed the marketing milestone campaigns like that of “Dettol salutes” during the pandemic. And now moving from Traditional to Digital to Phygital to Metaverse …   The world of marketing has changed 360 degrees and consumers are perpetually living on screens often introspecting now, as to “Asali swad hai Zindagi ka?!!!
 The age of digital dependency has transformed consumer behavior with modes of shopping, learning, working, playing, dating, and marrying online.
 From Amazon to Paytm to now Zepto, marketers have evolved from electronic commerce to mobile commerce and now to quick commerce respectively!
 Marketing has witnessed sea changes with the newer technology-enabled ways of engaging customers. Whoever thought we will be talking of interoperable online spaces where people (as digital avatars) can shop, trade, travel, socialize and interact with one another. With the latest announcements from Facebook (now Meta) regarding   the metaverse, people can begin to expect new software tools and apps to be introduced in the virtual reality world. Metaverse is a combination of multiple technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, videos, and 3D avatars. The same can be seen in online game universes like Fortnite, Roblox, Animal crossing, and Minecraft.
 We are now talking of newer terms like NFTs New Fungible tokens, digital collectibles, blockchain, etc.
 The big question is how should marketers master the rules of the changed game now?
 Some of them have already started turning themselves to the brimming metaverse opportunities, like Coca Cola, Samsung, and Volkswagen all have virtual billboards within videogames like football manager and Hyper Scape.
 In this dynamic marketing world, as brands gear up to leverage emerging trends, let us all wait and watch and do some more crystal gazing!


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