Survival to revival ‘’education renaissance’’
| Dr. Neha Dewan - 17 Feb 2022

The movement from offline to online education was necessary at that time where otherwise the education system would have gone rogue. In India at present institutes like IITs, IISc and NITs can globalize online education while universities, initially, can nationalize online education. Fundamental structural changes have been processed in the curriculum/syllabi and academic programs have been popularized to attract students across the countries. Skill development is part of the curriculum in engineering and science degree programs. It may not be possible to deliver laboratory courses (with hands-on experience to students) through the online course, but we can look at the solution for the same. That will create future entrepreneurs. In this way, we can beat unemployment and increase business skills amongst the youth.
 The best part of education is teachers, also the most ignored part of the system. Faculty changed their mundane teaching methods and adapted to evolving technology-centered teaching. The faculty hence should establish themselves as “competent” individuals who can deliver what the students expect. To establish this system, faulty should be active in research and research publications and gain experience /skills in online teaching. In function as usual to support research. Research collaboration plans to go online and can be internationalized with the help of research centers globally.
 Higher education in India is striving to be more international, more flexible (curriculum),  and it is imperative to be innovative, and open for more collaboration. 

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I am Neha Dewan, awarded and recognized Indian educationist mother of 3, in all 2 teenager girls and one boy , entrepreneur, influencer, teacher, mentor, consultant and connector of purposeful leaders who think, communicate and act in a conscious, diverse, inclusive and innovative way to guarantee a sustainable future for all.

The chaos installed in our lives forced us to reconfigure spaces, routines, processes, priorities and roles. It became urgent to learn how to live here and now, which is all we have. For this, we had to exercise our conscience, self-knowledge, presence, physical integrity, mental health and a lot of resilience.

Founded Healthy Mind Healthy You as a part of new year resolution as mental health initiative that can help people on a much certain level through psychology based insights, evidence backed tips and personal and professional development strategies to help you overcome limiting beliefs.

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