Technology in Higher Education – Creating E-learning Ecosystems
| Prof (Dr) Nimit Gupta - 01 Feb 2022

Technology in education is nothing new, especially after the pandemic. Most schools have switched to online classes and assessments to complete their curriculum. Even after the pandemic, the trend of online learning is here to stay. But for higher education, technology opens up a world of opportunities beyond digital classrooms. For instance, professors are better equipped to shift towards activity-based teaching with technology. According to the University of Missouri, activity-based learning helps develop students’ creativity more than lecture-based learning. Students gain practical knowledge by working on their ideas and creating novel tech products. Such hands-on experiences enhance knowledge retention more when compared to passively listening to lectures. Moreover, technology expands the boundaries of a classroom to include the whole world. Universities are offering an increasing number of digital opportunities accessible by students worldwide. Besides, collaborations with international universities are more feasible through e-learning platforms. Students can watch lectures and interact with the faculty from anywhere in the world.
  Technology also allows students to understand complex problems through simulations. For example, a hazardous experiment can be recreated online with varying parameters and with almost no real-life danger to students. Such simulations aid in research and help explore areas of research that are difficult to experiment with in real life. These are already used in engineering, astronomy, medicine, and other sciences. Using the internet, students can also access a larger knowledge pool. Instant access to journals and research papers supplement students with the much-needed research data. With all these benefits, technology is revolutionizing higher education. Universities are developing novel methods to include technology in teaching. Students, too, are enhancing their creativity by utilizing technology to support their learning. With the upcoming tech-savvy generation, digital learning looks like the new way of education.
 With the advent of new technologies, the learning ecosystem has provided numerous opportunities for learners. With the MOOC platform, it becomes accessible and affordable to have global standard education with almost negligible monetary investment. Also, due to the advancement in technological innovation, students can access the content with the 24 /7 platform using the LMS. Information, which was earlier limited in reach due to various constraints, is now reached multifold and touching new learning life’s. No doubt, with such advancement, learning is blended, integrated, global, and most importantly, contemporary. No doubt, technologies require certain expertise, an additional investment of resources, and a new mindset, but the benefits which can be reaped are substantial and forward-looking.

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