Teaching Physics through Demonstrations and Examples
| Aida Petrovska - 01 Jan 2022

Demonstrating examples in physics have a great educational significance and are one of the most important methods and means for nature examination. Teaching procedures and means can always serve as an occasion for conducting a demonstration. Based on the actions that have been demonstrated the students receive confirmation or denial of their opinion, which enables knowledge and experiences.
 Independently demonstrating actions enable students to acquire habits for independents and responsible work, cooperation with others, etc, etc.
 While a successfully performed demonstration creates self-confidence,  failure only makes them continue performing the examinations until a real solution to the given task is reached which eventually leads to success.
 Demonstrations have a research character and it`s necessary to be followed with  theories, which means, it`s not enough just to observe and/or measure, but also to draw certain conclusions and solutions.
 The manner and method that are to be used in concluding will depend on the content and the conditions of the problem that`s being solved. If the solution  starts from general principles and laws  applying them helps individual cases to be explained  with the deductive method, while  on basis of observation and examination of special individual cases  from the demonstration an analysis is performed and general conclusions, that`s the inductive method (that`s applied.). In both teaching and science, these two methods (deductive and inductive) are often intertwined, as they are only part of a single process of scientific research.
 The deductive method can be applied in cases when students conclude without a demonstration, only by thought ( thinking.).   For example, on the basis of a known law, they can conclude whether their opinion can be confirmed by that law. 
 This applies to students who have already gained sufficient experience based on which they draw certain conclusions.   A long time of dwelling is necessary on the elements that need to be interrelated and the knowledge gained from the observation and measurements from the demonstration need to 
be expressed with a definition.
 The most  important thing  is the research and  laboratory exercises where the acquired knowledge is used, the phenomena described and interpreted, conclusions are drawn, the obtained results are arranged and presented graphically.
  After the set of goals, tasks are followed,  which are generally common for a large number of classes. 
 The main task in the physics class is an achievement, if that`s already achieved, we can consider the class successful.

I’m Aida Petrovska, physics teacher, from the Republic of Macedonia. Certificated as an MIE Experts for 2019-2020, 2020 – 2021, 2021-2022 and also Proclaimed as an Administrator of the Global Trainer academy (Country Chief organizers.)  Chosen as a Top OER teacher  - Alliance open educational resources; Proclaimed and awarded as the most successful physics teacher for 2006 and 2016 - Society of physicists of Macedonia; Chosen and awarded as the Best Teacher in the Capital City (Skopje), Chosen as  Best Teacher in the Republic of Macedonia; Rewarder and proclaimed as Most Active eTwinner - eTwinning Macedonia; Awarder and rewarded as the Best Teacher From Former Yugoslav Countries (on the Balkans);  Proclaimed as Ambassador of International Astronomy and the Astrophysics Competition; Volunteer T4 Ambassador Community - World Education Week 2020. EDUKOS Unite Global Achiever The Best Teacher Award 2021.
    I`m very active and involved in the eTwinning community and am pleased to say that I’ve taken participated in (almost) every international project and to be “modest” I’ve gained over 100 national and European quality certificates for the concluded projects. I`ve taken part in the elementary education program development for adults, have given expert lectures for all levels/grades for the same, also participated as a trainer in the workshop Formative and Summative assessment”, applying social networks in teaching for sharing experiences knowledge, and skills. I`ve created workshops such as “Application of Information Technologies in Physics and Teaching”, as well as many lectures on the topic “Evaluation of the Success of Students and Teachers in the Macedonian Education System”. Also I’m an author of “two books of physics assignments” and a co-author of a “Good Practice Manual” published in a collection of conference papers and was rewarded on many open educational resources, also I’m an organizer and implementer to many humanitarian (successful) actions. Since March 16, 2020, I have been recording classes for my students and I maintain webinars for my colleagues on ICT tools. I participated in the construction of a distance learning platform, I recorded classes, I acquired the title of a mentor.


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