Swimming Pool Motivation
| Elif Banu Yetimoglu - 30 Dec 2021

The movement of our children to go home from playing outside, which started with the rapid progress of technology and accelerated when both parents have to work as a result of economic inadequacies, entered a crazy process with the Covid-19 global epidemic.
 Studies show that social media use drops by the age of 8, which is equivalent to 2nd grade in primary school in our education system. In other words, our children, who learn to read and write in the 1st grade, start reading the media right after. (Source: Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), Computer Use in the 6-15 Age Range 2019)
 While we educators are trying to close this accelerating momentum by focusing on street games, outdoor activities, experiments, and trips, Covid-19 has come upon us with all the burden of fear and stress. Especially 1st-grade primary school children who just started to education life with the shock of returning home from school.
 The teachers, whose students were afraid and whose parents had to go to work despite the epidemic, started the process with pain.
 Due to I am working in a private school in Ankara and, I did not experience the technical inadequacies of our teachers working in public schools or the infrastructure and material deficiencies of cities far from the center.
 Before the quarantine pro cess started, my students (I was teaching the 4th grade in 2019.) Thanks to the webinars in eTwinning Projects, zoom, adobe, Microsoft Team, etc.      They met through vehicles. As soon as the process started, we were in our classes in front of our computers at the first pandemic shutdown. We had a smooth transition as we connected through a system they knew.
  We moved our course materials to computers. We adapted our experiment materials with those at home.  We turned our trips into virtual tours. We have done our planting operations in our gardens, on our balconies, and in the pots in our house. We opened and organized virtual exhibitions and even sent invitations.  As soon as I started the lessons, I started to teach my students the necessary ones between Web 2.0 tools. After a while, Excessive digitalization would result in escaping from the lessons to the game, which was the biggest complaint I heard from many educators.
 The process of education in distance, which started with pleasure at first, turned into a burden over time. Staying in front of the screen for a long time lowered the motivation of primary school students.
  I did the wisest thing I could do during the distance education process: I moved every activity to the digital platform and asked my students to do the same.
 I planned for the experiments a week in advance and gave information about what materials could be found at home. I submitted studies and assignments in the field of mathematics with Khan Academy. Due to my children do not have a phone, I made the information through Google Classroom. I digitized the assignments and uploaded them to Classroom.  We summarized and animated the storybooks in collaboration with Canva. We did the learning repetitions with the Block game and the lesson reinforcements with the applications such as Learning App with my students. We made coffee, hot chocolate, and tea hours with our students who have finished their homework and studies, again accompanied by conversations over Zoom.  Zoom also improved, opened rooms, and we moved on to group work, and they competed with each other in teams.
 With Render Forest, we prepared lecture presentations with PowerPoint. Among them, we chose the best one with Google Forms and shared it with the “Student Teaching” program we started at our school (DARÜŞŞİFA SCHOOLS (@darussifakoleji) • Instagram photos and videos) and made it available to the whole world. Seeing with their own eyes that the whole world is in the same situation as us thanks to eTwinning Projects, the children calmed down a bit. Our guidance teachers provided support to our students online, if necessary. In the mornings, our physical education teachers made our students do sports, of course, we motivated them by participating. Seeing that all lessons can be done remotely, the students got out of the panic and real learning started then.
  We have now switched to face-to-face training. Our students spent two months of face-to-face training with an irregularity that we can describe as the excitement of meeting each other. Running and talking with masks was more difficult for my children than in front of the screen.
 We continue on our way with social responsibility projects and eTwinning projects. While we produce and share games and toys with waste materials with our “Produce Teach Play eTwinning project”, we work on fake news and its effects with our “What’s the Truth? eTwinning project”. During the epidemic, there was a lot of disinformation. Also in digital media. We plant saplings, find and support families in need, and love animals. We try to be motivated by producing and sharing.
 The mask is the biggest source of demoralization! Already worried primary school children became even more anxious because their teachers had their hands washed for at least 20 seconds.
 Now, we play more games than before with my students in our garden. We are trying to overcome the new low motivation caused by the weight they gain with physical activity and more activities. Even our music teacher put rhythm body percussion first.
 After our outdoor fields in a physical education class, our gymnastics and dance rooms and our ice skating rink were opened. But our students’ eyes are on the swimming pool, which was immediately deactivated due to the pandemic.
 Even watching the technical checks start to be made in the pool and the slow filling of the water is a great motivation for them, because as you guessed, the opening of the swimming pool for them is a harbinger of the end of the pandemic!

I am Elif Banu Yetimoglu teaching to 4th grades at Darusasifa Schools and I retired from public school then I started working in a private school after my retirement. Also, I am a specialist classroom teacher, I wrote a Turkish book on behalf of the state.
 I took part in the committee that examines the Turkish textbooks to be taught to students on behalf of the state as well. Moreover, I have publications in the status of supplementary books from the first grade to the eighth grade, in which I wrote the Turkish sections.
 Besides my classroom teaching, I can teach in the field of Media Literacy and I am a Computer Formator Teacher. I use all of my savings in a way that I can turn into benefits for my students in the digitalizing world.
 I actively include Web 2.0 tools in my course activities. I also apply the tools that I do not know, through the links in Facebook groups, on YouTube, or by learning from EBA Online Trainings.
 I do eTwinning projects, I actively participate in international events such as CodeWeek, Hour of Code, Out Door Classroom Day with my students. I have eTwinning National Quality Labels, a European Quality Label and my school has also received a European Quality Award.
 I actively participate in movements based on solving global problems. I am a UNICEF volunteer, TEMA trainer. I take part in all kinds of activities, education, and social responsibility projects that will make me more different and effective. Because my students are my little models.


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