Global Empowerment Issues
| Dr. HC Vassilakou Evangelia - 02 May 2021

There is a lot of talks today about the term zero waste. Since we have consumed some materials too much, we need to save them today, such as foods in glass or cardboard packaging. If we continue at this pace, we will leave nothing more than garbage for future generations. 
  One good example is the CupUp reusable system and it is completely Zero Waste. the coffee bar serves you coffee in multiple CUPUP cups (environmentally friendly cup) with a deposit of about 1.5 euros. we carry the cup with us and we can use it again. A refund for the deposit can be obtained from any partner of the CUPUP Club. The glasses are washed and reused by the partner. 
Another example of waste reduction is Using your own containers when ordering food outside instead of plastic packaging. 
A third example of reducing unnecessary waste might be sustainable fashion. This means you should exchange and buy things in second-hand stores because fast fashion harms the environment. Clothing production takes place mainly in underdeveloped countries where many corporations are accused of serious violations of human, labor and women’s rights.
Also instead of disposable plastic bags we should use planetary reusable bags, instead of driving our own car use shared transport or bicycle and wherever possible go on foot, sort paper, plastic, glass and more.
A good example is the use of appliances where we pour the desired products (shampoo, oil, dish detergent, vinegar) in the packaging we bring.
It is also possible to make Christmas trees from recycled material instead of buying plastic ones. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of a valuable ecosystem and the mitigation of its necessary functions (oxygen production, climate change mitigation). 
It is important to make young generations aware of these examples and many others, starting with young children in order to save our planet Earth and thus reduce CO2.

The project (competition) is designed to connect students with their teachers and parents together with their children from all over the world and thus enrich the event by exchanging different talents that may be hidden. We want to bring them to light. We want to give children a chance to show what they know, what they are good at, what they like to do when they are free, to talk about what makes their lives more beautiful, how their talents helped them during this Covid-19 pandemic. We will connect many students from all over the world at this beautiful event that will take place from April 19-25. During the 6 days, we will have a zoom meeting where according to the categories of which there are 6 and the seventh which includes everything that is not included in the set 6 categories we will listen to students from all over the world to describe what makes them happy. We will also have an expert commission with judges who will evaluate the best-presented candidates, and for the first three places, we will award symbolic prizes and certificates of participation to all other participants. The winner will be announced on April 25.
 The first category is drawing and includes all techniques (portraits, oil on canvas, etc.), the second category is ecology and refers to any activity that encourages care for the environment and preservation of our planet earth, the third is music and refers to playing all instruments and also singing traditional or modern songs, the fourth refers to programming (3D printing) IT, the fifth is handicraft which refers to any work made by hand (knitting, sewing, embroidery, making various objects from clay or similar), and the last sixth category refers to entrepreneurship as part of everything related to the business plan.
 We will also organize a Zoom meeting for all interested participants (teachers and experts from various fields) to present some of the above categories and bring the participants closer and explain the topics with which they can all participate.
 Nominations are underway, students from Australia, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, India, Pakistan, Serbia, USA, Uk-London, Romania  have applied.
 The founder of this event is Mr. Darshan Patel from India (The circle of legends), and the creators of the idea and organizer of the competition are Vedrana Šarec (professor mentor) from Croatia.
 We believe that all participants will be satisfied with their participation and we will give added value to the world by connecting candidates, teachers, and parents from all over the world.

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