Multidimensional Factors of Positivity
| Dr. HC Vassilakou Evangelia - 01 Mar 2021

Yun Jeong-hyun is a teacher (Global Teacher Prize 2020 Top 10 Finalist). When students ask them to study on their own, there are not many students who study on their own. So I motivated students through constant conversation. Motivated students had different results. Motivated students studied and practiced by themselves and put a lot of effort Part of . into it. Also, they got a lot of certificates and went to a good university.
South Korea has developed a lot during the time span of last 70 years. Education played an important role in the development of South Korea. A person’s mindset determines every action. So I’m going to talk about the power of positivity.
 The Korean soccer team Pohang Club conducted an interesting experiment on the power of positivity. They experimented with sweet potatoes to see what changes a grateful heart and a positive word could make. Two sweet potato pots were placed near the front door of the Pohang soccer team’s club. Players and coaches spoke positive and complimentary words toward sweet potatoes every day in the morning and evening. “Lovely sweet potato, how pretty you are! “Be healthy and grow well from now on.” And they only said negative things about bad words and sweet potatoes. “You ugly sweet potato, I hate to see it.” They gave the same water and lengthened the sweet potato in the same environment for 60 days.
 Sweet potatoes that heard good words grew thick, while sweet potatoes that heard bad words did not grow significantly. There was a big difference in the growth rate of the two sweet potatoes.  Through this experiment, soccer players realized the importance of a positive attitude. They increased their credibility by posting messages of praise and gratitude to each other. Pohang Football Club, which has become more organized based on mutual trust, has also helped its actual performance to reach the final. The players and coaches felt a lot of things after taking the sweet potato test. They knew that words and mindset can make a big difference. Pohang soccer players, who experienced how important a positive mind is rather than a negative mind, learned the power of positivity.
 There are many experiments of this kind. Everyone, try the experiment. You can do it at work or at school. Members who conducted these experiments themselves will have different behaviors and attitudes.
 There are more probabilities that you can fail than the probability that you can succeed in anything. If the conditions of effort are the same, a person’s mindset is important. It increases the probability that positive thoughts and minds can succeed rather than the probability that they might fail.
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