How to deal with the Crisis like COVID-19
| Brig. (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil (Retd) - 16 Jan 2021

Let me share an extraordinarily fascinating story about the ‘Choluteca Bridge’ of Honduras in Central America. The place is well known to be notorious for hurricanes and storms. The bridge in reference was of 1930 vintage, in bad shape, and needed to be rebuilt or replaced. Realizing that the bridge will constantly face extreme weather conditions, the Govt, of Honduras brought in the best of architectural minds to reconstruct the bridge in 1996.
  In 1998, Honduras was yet again hit by a powerful Hurricane. The roads were wiped out and every other bridge destroyed. But the  ‘Choluteca bridge’ due to its strong foundation, survived in near perfect conditions. However, the river, which was previously flowing under the bridge, changed its path due to the incredibly massive storm and no longer was running under the bridge thus making the bridge redundant. 
  Sometime later, the same Choluteca bridge was connected to a highway, as a result, it turned out to be once again effective & useful. That means ‘Choluteca Bridge’ leading to nowhere and of no use.
  Sometime later the same bridge was innovatively connected to the highway and making it once again beneficial.
 Analogous to our life and the present crisis, the COVID-19 has changed the world in ways we had never imagined. It is also not the first time that such a massive crisis has affected human life.
So, how do to deal with Covid-19 like a crisis?  Let us look at various resolutions:
 a. Staying Motivated and Focused: There is no known crisis in history that has lived forever. Every crisis has a life span of its own. Till it fades away on its own, the scientific fraternity will find out a solution. Therefore, the Mantra is to stay motivated and focused.  Actions that can support motivation in the present crisis could be:
l Taking control over what one can do and stop worrying about what one cannot.
l Never shying away in seeking support, if so needed.
l Read and listen to positive information.
l Be with positive people as often as possible.
l Articulate positive affirmations to develop a positive attitude.
w Recognize trends that are likely to continue: Well, agility is going to be the new buzz word or currency of education as it would also be for businesses and social life. Be it admissions, professional education, the process of selection of a candidate for a job, etc. all these and more will majorly move from offline to online. It is most likely that all these activities or part of them may continue even when the present crisis is over. So, what is the Mantra to effectively lead a successful life now? The Mantra should be to ‘Thinking ahead & Be Imaginative’!
w Be Innovative & Adaptable: Nothing in the world has ever been built or designed to last. The complete eco-system is moving at a rather fast pace. It is mandatory to continuously investing time & energy in learning and applying new skills. In life. We are accustomed to seething around us through the lens of habit and familiarity. As a result, we take them for granted and overlook numerous other possibilities. So, what is the Mantra? The Mantra is to confront every crisis like situation by asking a question to self, “What else can I do with/in this situation?”. The questioning self would lead to new ideas and discoveries, to tackle any crisis.
w Collaborate with Technology: It is a known fact that human beings are masters of solving complex problems, born programmers, and source/inspiration of all the technologies on the horizon. Because technology has become part of the lifestyle thus there is no way one can escape from it. What is the Mantra?   The Mantra is that one should always be an early adopter & not laggard to absorb technology and make the best use of it in any ‘Crisis’.
 “There is a light at the end of every tunnel.
  Some tunnels just happen to be longer than others.”

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