New Education Policy: A Hope for a better Future
| Education Jagat - 16 Aug 2020

Education is one of the hot topics that are discussed by everyone, as it is crucial for every citizen of the country. India being the welfare state, which means it, is the responsibility of the Government to introduce welfare programmes for the wellbeing of citizens. Therefore, education is the heart among the welfare programmes that cultivates the mind of the Nation. However, the perception of the denizens regarding the Government-funded education system is mostly pessimistic. The denizens believe that the Government-funded educational institutions are not doing well as compared to the private institutions, for many years due to continuously perish in the quality of Government-funded schools. The students reading in these schools have significantly belonged to the marginalised sections of Indian society.
 The education policy of 2020 comes after 34 years and it is recognised as one of the vibrant and visionary documents as compared to the previous documents. It was noticed while going to the electronic and print media debates most of the academicians of the country exalted this new education policy 2020 as an erudite document they stated this new Education policy as a student amiable. This document almost covers all the issues that can contribute the quality education.
 The long-run demand for GDP of 6% for education was addressed and the Kothari Commission already recommended this. Now in the education policy of 2020, this recommendation was included. Currently, India spends around 4.6 % of its total GDP on education.
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