Forcefully Online Class Arrangement: A Nightmare for Teachers
| Education Jagat - 01 Aug 2020

While the perception among the general population might be that teachers do not have much to do given that classes have now moved online, school teachers of an older generation are now having to face the cruelty of their students albeit through the screen and starting to feel like they are losing control of their classrooms.
 Numerous educators have now come out with their ordeals about facing harassment from students, saying that they are witnessing a surge in online abuse by the students, especially teachers who are taking their time to acclimatize to the digital classroom.
 “In my first online class, I was so nervous that my hands shivered. When the class started a few students started laughing and making jokes, which made me less focused. I kept asking if they could hear me and they were joking around,” said a 54-year-old teacher from a government school.
 The senior teacher, who teaches languages to classes 11 and 12 said, the next online class was better but students made it difficult to work. “The major problem is that we can’t see which student is creating a nuisance. I mute the mic during the class, but it is no use as they unmute it at their end,” she said anxiously.
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