Online Classes: Challenges and Opportunities
| Jane Godwin Coury - 16 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic has brought a boom of Online Classes throughout the country. Online Classes are the need of hours as students have been under panic, mental pressure, depression, and in the atmosphere of uncertainty. The old proverb, An Empty Mind is a Devil’s Workshop that reminds us a lot here. What is happening with the students is they have nothing to do. They soon need indulgence.  There are students preparing for competitive exams. Some have taken only half of their exams, and there are some whose examinations were to start. The atmosphere of uncertainty has prevailed all around in the mind of students.  There is only one psychological treatment to keep them mentally fit is to engage in learning, physical, as well as creative activities without any delay. Thereby the emerging problem can be coped with.  Online Classes can prove a boon and better remedy for them. 
 Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Blackboard and Team Viewer are the Apps for Video Conferencing, screen shares, and instant messages. Basecamp 3, Google Classroom, and Slack are the Apps used for Chat and messages and assignments too. QUIP and BOX Apps can be used as document management. Besides, Whatsapp and Call Conferencing are evergreen Apps.   
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