Students’ Activities during Covid-19
| Jane Godwin Coury - 01 Apr 2020

The whole world is fighting against Covid19. India is also under its grip. Our success to cope with this contagious disease lies upon the responsibility of each and every citizen well following and this was proved by all citizens on 25 March ‘’Janta Curfew’ unanimously. The other thing that is under the need is financial support and this is also being fulfilled by the citizens having a broad heart. Other citizens have been supporting sharing their hands feeding the hungry. Some others are busy distributing masks, sanitizers and other essential articles to the needy. Contribution of great worriers like doctors, police, nurses, Ashas, lab assistants and other lab technicians is great praiseworthy. Researchers working on ‘Covid-19 Diagnosis and Vaccine Preparation’  have been playing a great role because all great men discussed here have climbed the essential pillars of life. Here remained one category that has lagged behind in any kind of contribution. The category is none, but the backbone of the country, our students. Their great contribution to the country is to best utilize every second in the preparation of their syllabus.  The saying: ‘every pinch of time saves you nine holds true here. Time runs and none can catch it if it goes. The other saying: there is no use crying over spilt milk also reminds much more here. Data collected through the survey tell that most of the students have not opened any of their books since the leaves due to lockdown. They have been wasting their time in playing games and watching TVs.
 Many Free On-Line Classes have been started and all elders of the families, education officials and even Govt. wants students should continue their studies at home. They should prepare their time table subject wise.  They should prepare their subjects according to time table: during early morning hours-Learning Subjects, during day first Mathematics and numeral Science, and then easy subjects and revision at night before going to bed. They can take help with their teachers as every school has started a group to solve students’ problems. Besides, they can find the solution of the difficult problems or sums through Free Online Classes and on Google into other resources. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. So it becomes an essential duty of the college management committee or principals to indulge the students daily or as it is suitable by putting any of the teachers to solve their problems if they face. It does not mean that they are always busy in books, but they can take some time for Yoga and physical activities as a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
Daily Time Table
 Take Learning Subjects during early morning hours
 Mathematics and numeral Science first during the day
 Easy subjects in the evening
 Revision at night before going to bed
 Take some time for Yoga and Physical Activities

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