How to succeed in a Competitive Exams!
| Dr. HC Vassilakou Evangelia - 31 Dec 2019

These are a few situations which have become prevalent these days and being a career counselor and inspirational speaker, I receive thousands of such queries from parents, students and even professionals. Everyone knows where to go, what are the basic requirements to sustain in this world, they possess minimum qualification to approach the target but where they lack, is the ‘Why’ to achieve that epitome, the success for which they are wandering.
 Ask from yourself: What is your ‘Ultimate Aim’ of life?
 Getting a good job and having all materialistic things to lead a comforts life is very small, basic, minimum and obvious need of one’s life. It is not the end or ultimate aim. ‘Ultimate’ “means the best achievable or imaginable of its kind”.   Are you appearing in any competitive exam to get power, authority or money only? Is this your ultimate or best achievable aim? I know most of the students” dream of success just to enjoy power, authority and money. A few of them achieve all such pleasures too but what after that? Do they get any recognition in this world? Do their personality and work leaves long lasting impact over the people? 
 Some students get success in the most difficult competitive examinations in their first attempt only with the minimum resources while a large number of students having easy access to the best resources could not give their best. What is the difference? The difference lies in the ultimate aim of cracking the exam. 
 If you would associate your efforts with the “Society”, “Nation” and to the betterment of this “World”, then your victory will be unimaginable. All great and extraordinary personalities in this world are known for their humanistic approach. They left this world but their impact does touch our mind and soul. Truth is immortal or permanent. 
 How will your knowledge and career be valuable to the ordinary people? Why do you want to serve for the prestigious job, just to serve yourself or to your family only? Why only some officers, engineers, CEOs, scientists out of thousands are known to the world while others live their life as normal person? 
 The answers to these questions lie in the fact that whatever field you want to choose to compete and crack through but you must be visionary. Only knowledge or being intelligent is not sufficient to make an individual succeed in the world. One needs to attain moral values as well as humanistic approach in order to get extraordinary achievement. Swami Vivekanada said education without character and aim is of no use. Education is man making process. 
 Internet is the means to associate with the world, it ensures connectivity with the world when it is difficult to approach each and every single person physically in few minutes but do you have an idea of connecting with Global Energy, Global Peace or Spiritualism? You can better understand the concept with the following examples. 
 Madam Curie dedicated and sacrificed her all efforts for the mankind. Her research was neither to receive a Noble prize nor to become a millionaire or getting a doctoral degree. Rather she had only idea in her mind-how to ease the life of the people? Due to such spirit only, she got noble prize twice. There would be no exaggeration to say that it was the Noble prize which searched its owner and not Madam curie. 
 If you think that how would you heal the wounds of people by achieving your target and starts living it, you automatically associate with the “Global Energy” and the energy of the whole universe starts hitting your mind. When you receive the energy of the universe, then no evil power of this world can stop you to do whatever you want. This is the secret of getting unimaginable success. Now you might think that how the film stars serve to the nation except entertaining the people. A boy asked me the question in a session. My answer was, “to make others laughing or entertaining is also a herculean task because you are giving something to others which is giving happiness to them and for this too they have to burn themselves”. 
 The CEO of Google Pichai Sundararajan says, “the ability to empower others around you is a wonderful value” means the ability to empower people around you is a wonderful quality. This is something that I am also trying to do as CEO. For me, finding solutions to people’s problems is the most important thing. “Responsible use of technology” without any breach of privacy is something I am constantly talking about. 
 Somewhere we all are associated with each other. You can utilize the infinite energy of the cosmos only when you have humanistic approach. How can you reduce the pain and swipe the tears of others?
 How Character is important? 
 A character cannot be separated from the person. To be of good character means that one”s habits, actions, and emotional responses all are united and directed towards the moral and the good. In this, public actions cannot be separated from private actions. Both sets of actions affect one”s character. Character and action are intertwined so intimately that one’s professional duties, or even what is perceived by others as one’s duties, cannot override one’s conscience without negatively affecting and changing one’s character.
 If the focus on character and moral values education is given at very early stages then there would be no need to makeover one”s personality traits at the time of appearing in the interview whether it is for any competitive examination or any profession. So, whatever goal you want to achieve in your life, associate it with the noble cause of strengthening the people in your surroundings, or economy of the nation or healing the wounds of the people. Dealing with pressure is also another very important skill especially in present perspective when there is cut-throat competition. I will explain the traits to be acquired in the personality for dealing with the pressure of the circumstances in upcoming issue.

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